In the name of Allah ,the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

Support this Important Work

This work is of great importance. It requires a certain amounts of knowledge and skill.

This work was started in 2000 and a huge amount of experiance has been gained during that period.

Alhamdulillah many non Muslims have learnt about Islam through this website and through the various support facilities such as email, Skype and phone.

Many New muslims have learnt how to practise their religion and cope with problems they face with family, friends, employers and society as a whole. 

Muslims born in Muslim families have also been helped with various issues. 

How can you help?

I often get emails from brothers and sisters wanting to help in doing dawah work.  

In terms of people joining me in doing dawah, that is not needed for many reasons. 

So if someone genuinely wants to help in this important and  rewarding work, they can help financially and get the same reward  In'shaa'Allah in the hereafter.

In this world we live the hours we have to work leaves a small time for our families and our selves. So to fit in serious dawah work. Time used for essential dunya work needs to be reduced or rather eliminated and used for Dawah work. In Addition to time there are expenses for hosting and various equipment.

Full time dawah work (or even part time) work requires time away from earning a livilhood as daees are human beings and require the same things as anybody.Such as food, clothing, shelter, wife and children. A daees wife needs a husband to spend time her (just like your wife) and help her raise their children. The children need a father to spend time with them, just like your children need their father.

 So any finacial support frees up the time that is being used for the dunya work  to be used for the dawah work.

 So if you wish to help in this  dawah work  you can donate by clicking here Donate .

Other ways of help are not required so please don't ask.



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