In the name of Allah ,the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

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Angela Dardawoud

My birth name is Angela, my Muslim name I chose is Fatima. I started to study about Islam and women in the middle east in 1997, I did not turn to Islam until January of last year.

 I was a Christian for 32 years, I always felt like I was missing  something. Since I had become Muslim I wear the hijab all of my days.

 On June of this year I was beaten up by 3 people 2 women and 1 man, they told me bad things about Muslims and to go back to my country. Still after that I will never change back to anything else. Islam is the truth...... the only true religion. I was born in south Carolina. I still have a court case going on .  My mother told me this week she is wanting to become Muslim as well.

Angela Dardawoud