In the name of Allah ,the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

Deborah Frazier

 I came to Islam after 9-11. As an American I wanted to know my "enemy" and once I came to understand Islam I knew it was what I always believed anyway and I shortly thereafter took shahadah.

 However I did not fully embrace Islam until right before Ramadan.

I am an American. Born and raised.  Blond hair and green eyes, Christian background but empty and searching for answers. I even spent a year studying Judaism in my search but nothing ever answered my questions and fulfilled my longing for the oneness of my creator until Islam

 I am not isolated from my family Their choice. Ifind it difficult to function in USA as a revert/convert But am committed to my newfound way of life I thank you for this website (  and to the sense of community and belonging it will offer

Allah would not bring me to this if He was not going to see me through. Deborah Frazier

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