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Oneness Of God, The Ultimate Solution To The Trinitarian Controversy
by:  Mamarinta-Umar P. Mababaya.
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Publishing house:  Wisdom Enrichment Foundation, Inc. Mindanao State University, Marawi City, Philippines.
Publishing date:  1988G.

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            This book traces the historical background of the Trinitarian doctrine. The historical facts presented here show how controversial this fundamental doctrine of Christianity has been. This book likewise digs into the influences of Athanasius, Constantine and Paul on today's Christianity. Furthermore, it presents the concept of One God in Islam as the ultimate, perpetual solution to the Trinitarian controversy.

            This work should serve as an eye-opener for Christians who seek guidance and Truth, hoping that it will help them revert to the original teachings of Jesus (peace be upon him) - particularly the belief in One God, which is fundamentally Islamic. The mysterious nature of the Trinitarian doctrine has led many Christians into confusion. Many of them who really seek Truth discovered that this doctrine was an explicit innovation contrary to the teachings of Jesus (peace be upon him). Those of them who have had the opportunity to study the concept of God in Islam have already become Muslims. As many more non-Muslims (especially Christians) are reverting to the path of Allah (the One and Only True God), Islam will certainly sustain its current position as the world's fastest growing and Number One religion - although it is 600 years younger than Christianity. This will be so, because the Unity of God in Islam is absolutely unquestionable - a divine concept that was professed by all the prophets, including Adam, Noah. Abraham, Moses, David. Jesus, and Muhammad (peace be upon them all).

            As for the rest of Christians who still blindly adhere to the Trinitarian doctrine, the time is ripe for them to open their minds to the fundamental Truth that verily there is no god worthy to be worshipped, except the One and Only True God, Allah.