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The Truth About The Original Sin
by:  Dr. Abdullah Bin Hadi Al-Qahtani, P.O.Box 541, Khamis Mushait, Saudi Arabia.
Publishing house:  Center for Call & Guidance at Az-Zulfi, P.O.Box 182 Az-Zulfi, Tel:(+966-6) 422-5657, Fax:(+966-6) 422-4234.
Publishing date:  August 1996 Second Edition.
The Series:  9/English.
ISBN:  9960-27-560-4.
Press via:  Narjis Printing Press, Tel:(966-1) 231-6653, Fax:(966-1) 231-6866.

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Could not God stop Satan?

            Could God stop Satan and persecute him without this scheme (God's incarnation in a human form, in the character of Jesus as claimed by Christians to deceive Satan and made him think that (Christ) was a man), and would it be right for God to do so? If the answer is yes, then God does not need to plot a scheme to deceive Satan and crucify Himself or "His son, Jesus". Was it an obligation upon God to practice justice on Satan by stopping him from his mischievous acts? If it were not, then Satan would be permitted to operate his evil doings at all times since there is no difference between one time and another. If the Christians claimed that God was incapable of stopping Satan, then they would be accusing God of being weak (powerless) to restrain Satan. Such a perception of God is considered by all religions as the worst type of disbelief. Such a conclusion is similar to the atheists' claim that light could not prevent the world from evil.