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Islamic marriage. Muslim marriage

Allah says

"And among His signs are that He created for you from your selves mates that you may attain calm unto them and He placed between you affection and compassion.   Surely in that are signs for a people who reflect". ( Sura Ar-Rum: 21.)


In the last 10 years I have given great deal of marriage advice to brothers and sisters on this site and on sites discussion board. Problems in peoples marriages arose due to choosing the wrong person to get married to and various other reasons. 

To help you choose the right person to get married to I have decided to open this marriage service.

It is hoped that this  marriage service will not only help brothers and sisters get married but it will in sha Allah increase their chances of geting married to the right person.
In order to assess suitability for our marriage service please answer the following questions accuratelly and honestely:

About You

1 Full Name:

2 a Age:
   b Height
   c Build
   d Complexion
   e Beard

3 Single, married or divorced or separated

4 Do you have children. If yes how many?

5  a Nationality:

  b Ethinicity:

  c Country you live in presently.

6 Do you Smoke

7 Disabilities

8 a) Religion

8 b) Are you a convert, if so when did you become Muslim and what was previous religion/beliefs?
8 c) If born in Muslim family. How long have you have been practising Islam?

9) Do You Pray every day?

10) How many fasts did you do last Ramadan?

11 Education

12 Occupation

13 Income

14 Work after marriage?

15 Are you willing to relocate?

14 Can you cook?

15 What do you do in your spare time?

16 What do your friends say about you?

17 Name 3 things you have done when you have become angry?


About Marriage

1 Why do you want to get married?
2 How many wifes do you want to have?

3 What role do you expect to perform as a husband?

4 What 5 things  would you give or do for your wife that will make your marriage a happy one

5 If you want to marry a convert why a convert in particular?

6 What kind of wife you want?

7 What kind of behaviour do you expect from your wife?

8 What 5 things would you want your wife to give you or to do  that will make your marriage a happy one

9 Explain 5 dislikes in a potential spouse

10 Do you want your wife to work after marraige?

11 Do you want wife contribute to the household finacially. If yes in what way?

12 What clothing do you want your wife to wear?

13 Would you go jogging with your wife in an area with other people around?

14 What do you think about shaking hands with the opposite sex?
15 What are your 3 biggest fears of marriage
16 Imagine you are a gardener and you have the front door key, your wife is in the kitchen. What are 4 things you will do to make your wife happy before you secretly sneak upon on her whilst she is washing the dishes

17 Image its 11pm and your wife wants to get to bed. Your friends have called you over for a chat or play snooker. Do you go to their house or invite them yours. What do you do?

18 Your at work and your wife phones and says her father is seriously in another state. What do you say to her?
19 Imagine your children are disrespectful to you who should be blamed for their attitude?

20 Lets suppose you are married with  2 children. You have grown out of love with your wife and this is leading to arguments and unhappiness for the past two years.  Would you want divorce or  stay together for the sake of the kids and sake of marriage?

21  In your family/culture
      a) do men shout at their wife?
      b) how do you expect your wife to behave if you shouted at her.
      c) how would you react of your wife shouted at you?
22 Why should someone choose to marry you in particular?

23 If you decide to marry someone from our site and you have to meet each other. How will you meet in person

24 In your country how do husbands And wives Interact? What do they do when they are angry, What are the acceptable limits in your Family for wifes and husbands and do you agree with them. If not why?


Your family and your wifes family

1 Do you want your wife to look after your mother or father?

2 Do your want your wife to look after your siblings?

3 Who will live in your present accomadation and future accomadation?

4 How do you want your wife to behave towards your parents, siblings and relatives.

5 How would you behave towards your wifes parents?

6 If your wife's parents are non Muslim will you let her see them?

Islamic knowledge

 1 Who are your favourite Arab/ Asian/African  Scholars

 2 Who are your favourites English speaking Scholars and daees

 3 Have you done any Islamic courses, if so which ones.?

Please send your photo and answers to


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