In the name of Allah ,the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

The five time prayers (called salah in Arabic or namaz in Urdu and Turkish ) become obligatory from the moment a person embraces Islam or a Muslim child reaches Puberty.

Why do we pray Rational &Benefits of prayer

After Converting to Islam and performing the purifications; the first thing that a New Muslim should do is Learn how to pray and perform the prayers. Of course one should not delay their conversion due to not being able to pray. One should first convert and then do their best to learn how to pray and other aspects of Islam.

In this website I have prepared for you step by step guides on how to prayer. From beginner to intermediate and advanced levels

Just like a baby learns to crawl and then walk and then run. A person should do the same when learning the prayers. Otherwise you will find your self overwhelmed.  I have seen this happen with many converts when they tried to learn to prayer from advanced guides and videos. Many months go buy and they are still not able to pray. But those learning from my prayer guides have learnt to prayer at a much faster pace.

Most books and vidoes on pray are for fairly advanced student even though they may say beginner. That is an error on their part.

So please stick to learning from our prayer guides on this site. Otherwise you will feel over whelmed and it will take you a many times longer for you to be able to perform your prayers

The Prophet peace be upon him taught the beginners how to pray in a special way. Which we have described on our website 

In addition to how to pray we will also teach you about the wudhu, ghusl, the right clothing, prayer times and all the essentials needed for the compulsory 5 Daily prayers

The Advanced guides will also include many  advanced topics such as sunnah , witr, Istiharah, eid,  jannaza (funneral)  prayers, establishing khushoo and more..

But beginners should stick to beginners prayer guide. It is vital that you learn what is required of you in the early stages rather than what you may find interesting. Otherwise you could end up sinning for not learning the essentials first.

The Beginners Prayer Guide page

The Advanced Students Prayer guide page

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