In the name of Allah ,the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

In the Name of Allah, most Compassionate, most Merciful

The Media Hype

The Media Hype - Empty Rhetoric Lacking Solid Proof

"Authorities have always recognized that to control the public, they must control information.  The initial possessor of news and ideas has political power - the power to disclose or conceal, to announce some parts and not others, to hold back until opportunistic moments, to predetermine the interpretation of what is revealed." [The Media Monopoly, Ben A. Bagdikian, prize-winning journalist and former dean of the Graduate School of Journalism at University of California in Berkeley].   

As Rukaiyyah Hill mentioned in her well-researched book, Women's Ideal Liberation, "The media has the power to change and manipulate the inner beliefs, moral convictions, and personal opinions of the public at large.  What is especially important for the public to recognize is that the media is no different from any other corporation or business, and, as such, it has economic interest at the forefront."

Much of the media hype over the Taliban and women's rights has been based on empty rhetoric without any backing in the form of solid proof. An objective educated reader can easily see through these empty hateful statements contained in many an article and report on Afghanistan. Even in the cases where �proof� has been presented, it is based largely on the exception and not on the rule. Even the Islamic society of Madina during the time of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, had its share of such exceptions -- criminals, traitors, and hypocrites -- every society and every group does, and so did Afghanistan. Interestingly, Western nations have all colluded together to bring these very thugs and criminals into power, people who were known to have no respect for any woman.

The truth of the matter is that the West in general and those who follow in their footsteps` are actually the greatest oppressors of women, but they don�t want anyone to realize that. It is very convenient to shift the attention of people from the problems �at home� to makeshift problems abroad, especially if it meets their future financial and economic interests.  See Categories of Oppressed Women.

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