In the name of Allah ,the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

In the Name of Allah, most Compassionate, most Merciful

Misery Upon Misery

Misery Upon Misery - The So-called 'Emancipation' of Afghan Women by the Americans

As everyone can see, since October 8th 2001, America is continuously bombarding homes in the already impoverished nation of Afghanistan. This bombardment has been indiscriminate, killing thousands of innocent women and children, and injuring and disabling many more. These �liberators� truly liberated hundreds of thousands of women from their homes -- by destroying their homes and leaving them under the open sky to fight extreme cold with nothing - no shelter, no cover, no supplies. They forced over a hundred thousand to become refugeses  and face a fate of uncertainty and poverty. With all their hue and cry over some women temporarily not being allowed to work they disabled thousands of other Afghan women from ever being able to work -- they dropped a large number of cluster bombs, one of which spreads over 220 landmines in civilian areas, with the potential of disabling thousands more among the women of Afghanistan.

American and British agents have spared nothing to rip (or should we say �emancipate�?) women of everything they could - including their clothes, their valuables, their men -- you name it, and they have done it. For example, in just one Afghan city (Mazar-i-Sharif), in only three days after the Taliban left, more than 150 incidents of rape were recorded! [Dharb-i-Momin, Dec. 1-7, 2001] Looting, ripping off the covering of women, and indiscriminate shooting have become widespread in all areas, vacated by the Taliban. There are confirmed reports of American agents abducting women from marketplaces and handing them over to the American soldiers. Truly, this version of �liberation� was unheard of during the years of peace, security, and progress that the women of Afghanistan witnessed during the Taliban rule.

Small wonder it is that the women of Afghanistan wish for the Taliban to return and rid them of the Americans, the British, the Russians, and their Afghan agents. A large rally of Afghani women against the barbarism of the Northern Alliance was held in Islamabad, Pakistan on Dec. 12, 2001. These women, representing Afghan women from all walks of life, demanded that the leaders of the Northern Alliance and their comrades be removed from power. These were people involved in blatant violations of human rights including rapes, looting, murder, and harassment from 1992 to 1996  - they need to be brought to trial and punished, rather than given power again! They condemned the present violations of these same criminals, and demanded they be ousted and brought to justice [Daily Islam, Dec. 12,  2001].

The situation in Afghanistan is so bad that even American sources admit that �thieves are ruling� [Time, Dec. 17, 2001]. The same people who never bothered to lock or bolt their homes during the Taliban rule, are now spending their nights guarding their homes and their women from the bandits that the Americans have let loose [Daily Islam, Dec. 12, 2001]. These bandits, many of them officers in the new government, wearing military uniforms, are looting the people instead of protecting them. Local residents report that the looting and abductions begin every day after sundown. These �officers� enter peoples� homes at will, and not only rob them of their valuables, but also forcibly take their women. [Daily Islam, Dec. 17, 2001].

The American troops themselves have spared no ruins at harming Muslim women in Afghanistan. The Daily Jang [Dec. 14, 2001] reports the �butchering� of about ten Muslim men, who had, with their families, and a number of others, taken shelter in a house located in the south of Kandahar. The Americans took a further six men away in a helicopter after torturing them. Then they abducted a truckload of Muslim women, separated them from their children, whom they loaded into a separate truck and set of for an unknown location. At least two bodies of those abducted women were later recovered in a remote area. Both bore signs of torture and rape. One unconscious child was also found by locals. It is reported that such atrocities by the American �emancipators� are widespread in Afghanistan!

It seems that every inch of Afghanistan, and particularly the silent majority of the women are crying: 

O Taliban! Where are you?

Ya Talib, where are you, O where have you gone?
Come back O protector, don�t leave us alone!
Gone is the justice, gone is the peace,
Gone are the birds that had sung in the trees,
Gone are the trees, gone are our homes.
Left are but craters, and smoke from the bombs.
Gone are our children who played in the sand,
Nay, they are still there, buried under the sand.
Gone is the respect that we women had,
We�re �fair game� for all now -- man, ass, or lad.
Our voices so sweet, that we used in our homes,
Now are heard singing from minarets and domes!
Our covers we loved and the veils we adorn,
The cover is ripped now, the veil has been torn!
Gone is the safety  we felt on the street,
We are now afraid of whoever we meet,
There are robbers and killers and rapists around,
Ya Talib, where are you, nowhere are you found!
Ya Talib, you left empty-handed but you,
Took all the good, yes you took it with you!

(coursey of azzam publications)

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