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Muslim Converts .com was Created in 2000

  •  It was the First Specialist Online Teaching Website for New Muslims. It was designed to be clear and easy to understand.

Aims of Muslim Converts .com:

  • Help Muslims & Non Muslims learn about Islam
  • Help you convert to Islam
  • Teach New Muslims what to do after they convert to Islam
  • Help Muslim Converts adjust to their New Life.
  • Teach Muslim Converts how to perform their Islamic Duties.
  • Teach you how to become an Ideal Muslim
  • Provide advice and counseling for all Muslims and those thinking of converting to Islam.

This website will help you adjust to your new life, deal with day to day issues and help you to reach your full Muslim potential.

We also created a special section for our Non Muslim visitors who want to know more about Islam.


In order to understand the rules of Islam a person first needs to understand the heart of Islam. Only then  you can appreciate the teachings and rules of Islam. For this reason we have now included a special section to cater to the needs of our Non Muslim visitors on the following link Islam


How to convert to Islam

Thinking of Becoming a Muslim FAQs

Diary of a Muslim convert – First Week As a Muslim

Important Frequently asked questions from Muslim Converts

The New Muslim Guide

Islam in depth

What is Islam and its beliefs



Islamic Belief (Aqeeda and Tawheed)

Islamic Worship (Shahadah, Prayer, Ramadan, Zakaah, Hajj, Dua)

Social Islam (Muslim Names, Halal and Haram food, Money, Dress code, Family, Marriage, Shariah law, Etiquettes, Festivals and More)

Islam and Science

Muslim Sisters Guide

How to Prayer the Five daily Muslim prayers

Muslim food guide. What foods a Muslim can and cannot eat

New Muslim Stories

Christian Convert to Islam

Catholic Converts to Islam

Atheist Converts to Islam

Hindu and Sikh Converts to Islam

Jewish Converts to Islam

Other Converts to Islam


I have been Muslim for 3 years and it has helped  lots and i want to congratulate all who made this website, I think it is wonderful. In sha Allah you will be rewarded for your efforts in Jannah.


Derby United Kingdom

In sha Allah any Islamic site is a good one. This one is excellent.

It has a personal feeling to it. Almost like it was made for whoever is visiting


United States of America

Ma sha Allah, this is a great site and you provide great email discussions. The topics are relevant and timely. Keep doing the right thing. May Allah award you well.

Rashid Hill

Doha Qatar