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There is no God but Allah and Mohammad is the Messenger of Allah

Muslim Converts .com was Created in 2000.It is the First Specialist Online Teaching Website for New Muslims. Designed to be clear and easy to understand.

We are still doing a few tweeks to the site so please be patient. but you can still use most of it whilst we get the tweeks done.

Aims of Muslim Converts .com

Help Muslims & Non Muslims learn about Islam
Help you convert to Islam
Teach New Muslims what to do after they convert to IslamHelp Muslim Converts adjust to their New Life.

Teach Muslim Converts how to perform their Islamic Duties.

Teach you how to become an Ideal Muslim

Provide advice and counseling for all Muslims and those thinking of converting to Islam.

This website will help you adjust to your new life, deal with day to day issues and help you to reach your full Muslim potential.


Firstly Understand the Core of IslamTo understand the rules of Islam a person first needs to understand the heart of Islam. Only then can a person appreciate the teachings and rules of Islam. For this reason we have now included a special section to cater to the needs of our Non Muslim visitors on the following link Islam explained . Muslims should also read this section.

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