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Stories of converts to Islam

The following is a collection of enlightening, and inspiring stories of converts to Islam. We have amazing stories of how people found Islam and how their life changed for the better.

Christians , Catholics, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs, Pagans, Buddhists  have converted to Islam. We even have Christian priests , Catholic nuns and Brahmins  converting to Islam

Even Atheists and Scientists, who did not believe in God, converted to Islam after reading about Islam.

Majority of converts to Islam are women.  Some of them even won beauty competitions and received offers from modeling agencies in the past. Their beauty had given them popularity, fame, sports cars, expensive cloths, jewelry and penthouses. But they realized there was more to life than this. 

The straight forward message of Islam, "None is worthy of worship except God", made sense to them. So they finally found God and the purpose for what they were created for.

Straight forward message of their being One God is attracting Americans and others to Islam

"Islam is the first religion that made sense to me." says  said Abdal Malik Rezeski of Dallas son of a Jewish father and a Christian mother.

Journey from Atheism - Islam had a logic to it that she couldn't resist

I grew up thinking religion was ridiculous,"   "I didn't believe in God. I had no idea how the universe was created and, frankly, didn't care."  said  Karen Meek, 33, of Lewisville . She said Islam had a logic to it that she couldn't resist  

Muslim beliefs about God and Jesus made more sense

"When I was a Christian, I never understood why Jesus had to die for my sins.   I mean, they're my sins" Jennifer Harell ex Methodist youth Minister. 

Christian Converts to Islam

Catholic Converts to Islam


Atheist Converts to Islam


Sikh and Hindu Converts to Islam

Jewish Converts to Islam


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