In the name of Allah ,the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

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Kitaab At-Tawheed, Chapter: 11

Seeking Refuge in Other Than Allah (swt ) is Shirk

Allah (swt ), says:


" And there were persons among mankind who took shelter with persons among the jinn, but they [only] increased them in rahaq" (Qur'an 72:6)

Allah (swt ), Most Glorified, Most High, informs us in this verse that there were men from among the human race who turned to the men from among the jinn, seeking protection with them, but their supplications only caused to increase the jinn in pride and injustice, and they caused the jinn to increase mankind in fear and misguidance.

Benefits Derived From This Verse

1. The prohibition of seeking protection from other than Allah.

2. That whoever seeks protection from other than Allah, will be disappointed, and he will be guilty of injustice against the one called upon.

3. Confirmation of the existence of the jinn, and of their being composed of men and women.

Relevance of This Verse to the Subject of the Chapter

That it proves the prohibition of seeking shelter or protection with other than Allah (swt ), because doing so is an act of worship, and dedicating worship to other than Allah (swt ) is Shirk.

Important Note

If we understand from Allah's Words:

" they [only] increased them in rahaq"

That `they' refers to mankind, then the meaning would be that the supplication of man only increased the jinn in arrogance and oppression; but if we understand from the verse that `they' refers to the jinn, then the meaning would be that the jinn increased mankind in fear and misguidance.


It is reported on the authority of Khawlah Bint Hakeem (may Allah be pleased with her) that she said: "I heard Allah's Messenger (saas ) say:

"Whoever visited an abode and said: "I seek refuge in the Most Perfect Words of my Rabb, from the evil of what He has created," no harm shall befall him until he departs from that place." (Narrated by Muslim)

Khawlah Bint Hakeem informs us that the Prophet (saas ) has approved as a sunnah for the Muslims that when they visit a dwelling, they should seek shelter with Allah (swt ) rather than with the jinn or others, from the evil of His creatures; and he informed us that whoever seeks refuge and shelter in the Most Complete and Perfect Words of Allah (swt ), which are free from every defect and imperfection, Allah will be sufficient protection for him from every evil present in His creatures until he leaves that place.

Benefits Derived From This Hadith

1. Evidence of the blessing of this supplication.

2. That the Qur'an was revealed, not created.1

3. That protection is not sought with other than Allah (swt ), nor with His Divine Attributes.

4. Evidence that Seeking shelter with Allah (swt ) is prescribed by the Religion.

5. Evidence of the completeness and perfection of the Qur'an because, being the Word of Allah (swt ), it is necessarily Perfect and Complete.

Relevance of This Hadith to the Subject of the Chapter

That the Hadith proves that seeking protection with other than Allah (swt ), or with one of His Attributes is not permissible, because seeking shelter or protection is an act of worship and dedicating an act of worship to other than Allah (swt ) is Shirk.


1. This is because the Qur'an is the Word of Allah (swt), and as such, it is not created.

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