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The Truth About The Original Sin
by:  Dr. Abdullah Bin Hadi Al-Qahtani, P.O.Box 541, Khamis Mushait, Saudi Arabia.
Publishing house:  Center for Call & Guidance at Az-Zulfi, P.O.Box 182 Az-Zulfi, Tel:(+966-6) 422-5657, Fax:(+966-6) 422-4234.
Publishing date:  August 1996 Second Edition.
The Series:  9/English.
ISBN:  9960-27-560-4.
Press via:  Narjis Printing Press, Tel:(966-1) 231-6653, Fax:(966-1) 231-6866.

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Why is it important to study the concept of the Original Sin in Christianity?

            Professor Jurgen Moltmann in his book The Crucified God said:
The death of Jesus on the cross is the center of all Christian theology ...all Christian statements about God, about creation, about sin and death have their focal point in the crucified Christ. All Christian statements about history, about the church, about future and about hope stem from the crucified Christ[4].

            It is prevalent that without the concept of The Original Sin there would be no need for crucifixion, salvation or atonement to take place. Garner led Armstrong, the Executive Vice-president and Co-Publisher of the Plain Truth (a Christian Magazine from America, which boasts a current, free world-wide circulation of 6 million copies a month), attempts to answer his own puzzle under the heading: "WAS THE RESURRECTION A HOAX?�".

            The resurrection of Jesus Christ of Nazareth is either the supreme fact of history or a flagrant, deliberate fabrication foisted off on the followers of Christianity[5].

            Josh Mc Dowel (An American evangelist) said in his book The Resurrection Factor:
"I was forced to the conclusion that the resurrection of Jesus Christ is either one of the most wicked, heartless, vicious, hoaxes ever foisted upon the minds of men, or it is the most fantastic fact of history"[6].

            With all the controversy presented above among some of the prominent American and other evangelists around the issue of crucifixion which was thought of to be necessary to atone for the Original sin, we realize the importance of investigating such a concept.

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