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The Truth About The Original Sin
by:  Dr. Abdullah Bin Hadi Al-Qahtani, P.O.Box 541, Khamis Mushait, Saudi Arabia.
Publishing house:  Center for Call & Guidance at Az-Zulfi, P.O.Box 182 Az-Zulfi, Tel:(+966-6) 422-5657, Fax:(+966-6) 422-4234.
Publishing date:  August 1996 Second Edition.
The Series:  9/English.
ISBN:  9960-27-560-4.
Press via:  Narjis Printing Press, Tel:(966-1) 231-6653, Fax:(966-1) 231-6866.

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Was Satan given permission to deceive?

            If we say that Adam (PBUH) has committed a sin and his children have also committed sins through Satan's deception, then is it up to God or Satan to punish them for their sins? If we think that any reasonable person would say that Satan has the right to deceive the children of Adam, then will he be granted the authority to persecute them all without God's permission?? Is not this claim borrowed from the Magians who say that every evil sin and persecution for it is carried out by the Satan? God has nothing to do with these things. He does not persecute anybody for the sins that he or she has committed. No doubt that such beliefs have found their way into Christianity from Magianism. Therefore, there is no evidence to support these claims, neither from the revealed books nor from any of the disciples. So, the Marinates sect of Christianity is basically a combination of Mazdaism and Christianity. Their leader "Mani" was a Magian-Christian. Indeed, the relationship between the two religions is very strong[16].

            Has Satan persecuted the children of Adam and sent them to hell with or without the permission of God? If they believe that it was with the permission of God, then Satan does not deserve to be persecuted; if it was not with the permission of God, then is it fair to say that God would allow Satan to practice such injustice? If this were allowed by God to happen at one time, then it would be allowed at all times, and vice versa. There is no difference between the time before Jesus and the time after him.

[16] Ibid. pp.217-218.