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How to Convert to Islam and become Muslim

In this article we will explain how to convert to Islam and how to become a Muslim.

Converting to Islam is easy and the benefits are immense. We are a specialist site dedicated to helping people who are thinking of converting to Islam.

To convert to Islam all you have to do is  say with sincere conviction the following sentence:

"I bear witness that there is no God worthy to be worshiped but Allah, and I bear witness that Muhammad is the  Messenger of Allah" 

The above sentence should also be said in Arabic.

 In Arabic it is "Ash-hadu an laa ilaaha illaallaah, wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan-ar-rasool ullaah"

This is called the declaration of Faith or the Shahadah.

It is better to do your conversion with another Muslim either in a Masjid (Mosque) or with an Islamic website such as ours.

When someone says Shahadah (declaration of faith) with us on the phone or whatsapp or Skype. I say the words of the Shahadah in English and the person repeats after me. Then I say a word or two of the Shahadah (declaration of faith) in Arabic and  the person repeats after me until it is all done. That is how easy it is and you do not have to know any Arabic.

For those under sixteen years of age who wish to convert to Islam. You can even convert via email. Simply write an email stating

1 Your name and which country and city you are from.

2 What your previous religion  was and what lead you to reject it. If you were Atheist mention that. Then mention what  lead you to believe in Islam.

3 They  write the Shahadah in English and Arabic (as above)

4 Then Send the email to us.

 Most Masjids and other Muslims who help sisters and brothers convert to Islam begin with the Arabic first and then the English. I prefer to do the English first so that the person actually knows what they are about to say in  Arabic.

When a person is convinced that Islam is the true religion of God they should not delay their conversion.

  If you wish to convert at a Masjid then my advice would be contact the Masjid. They should tell you to come as soon as possible. After speaking to you , if they are confident that you do not need to know anything more they should do your conversion right away.

 Masjids  are not good at replying to phones nor emails (or even picking their phones up) or  so it is usually better just to go there in person. Most Masjids are only open during the prayer times. Since their is a large window to perform it is difficult to say what exact time each masjid will be open. However, the Maghrib prayers start a few minutes after the sun has set so the Masjid should be open around that time.

Benefits of converting to Islam

Converting to Islam means you are believing and worshiping God instead of things or beings that God has created.

You also have a direct relationship with God and can start to discover your purpose of life in this world.

Any past sins or mistakes you may have done before converting to Islam will be forgiven and you will start with a clean record.

The greatest reward is that a Muslim is promised eternal paradise (heaven).

We are all human beings and prone to doing mistakes. Allah (God) is the most forgiving and Allah loves a Muslim who turns to Allah in sincere repentance if he or she commits a sin. This shows that the person believes in God and believes in a God who is very forgiving.

By sincere repentance it means that you are sincerely sorry for the sin you committed and you have a sincere intension not to commit that sin again. You may fall into the same sin again and you have to again make sincere repentance.

There are several conditions of the Shahadah and several things that can invalidate ones Islam so a person should know these so that he can be adhere to those conditions and not fall into those things which invalidate a persons Shahadah. I have explained these in another article

What are the Conditions and invalidators of the Shahadah

Converting to a Muslim and then living as a Muslim must be done step by step

When you have converted to Islam the next step is to do a few Purifications and then learn how to pray and several other things which are explained in our New Muslims guide

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