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By the Commission on Scientific Signs of Qur'aan & Sunnah

 This is the truth, and the truth lies in man's knowledge of the reality about himself. Armed with such a fact, and taking advantage of such a privilege, it entitles him to know the realities about the world around him, and then taking cognizance of his own place in this existence, the scope of his relationships and links, and his rights and obligations therein.

 The truth, however, must have exponents which shall guide people to its path, and explain its reality to them. That is the message of notification pivotal to learning and instruction. A message AllahAllah has designated to whomever He wished from among His chosen servants, such as His noble messengers and great intimate servants with whom He had imparted training.

 From His own knowledge did He send down revelation to them, so that they may be guided to the truth and be introduced to it. Then, as a gesture of mercy and guidance to the world, at all times and places, these noble messengers and intimate servants were sent to His creatures and other servants as well.

Allah Allah says:

 And to every people a guide. (Qur'aan 13:7)

 In view of the fact that this auspicious task of seeking the truth, goes far away back in antiquity, and is as inveterate as history itself, and since it will remain as essential as life itself, until AllahAllah inherits the earth and all beings thereon, it was extended by AllahAllah to every believer who has come to recognize it. Scholars were made the successors of Prophets in as much as the delivery of the message and guidance are concerned, so that light and good fortune may prevail among mankind at large.

 Consequently, the last of the messages, namely the Holy Qur'aan, was sent to guide mankind to the path of knowledge, and to the truth about itself. But, while doing so, it showed appreciation towards the capabilities of the intellect, though within the scope of knowledge as a tributary of the intellect. It also championed the cause of science and its fruits, with a view of encouraging man to exert all possible efforts in considering and contemplating the recited verses of the revelation, as well as the interpretations given to those verses by the prophetic traditions, and by so doing, identify the signs of the visible world, as well as the secrets and horizon of the soul.

 He (AllahAllah), reassured man that in his enlightened progress, if he were truthful in his intention and industrious in obedience to AllahAllah, and performed his duties, He, the Most High, would support him with a spirit of His own, open up to him and guide him to the righteous path.

 Not only that, He even offered them an unbreakable promise to the effect that, whenever the going gets tough for researchers and contemplators, and when they are faced with some obstacles and impediments, He, the Most High, would lend them assistance and help make the unveiling of facts easier for them. This, so that they may know it through His guidance, and by His grace, and help them identify those facts in consideration of their sincere determination and efforts, for AllahAllah is All-Knowledgeable about them.

Now read brother, AllahAllah’s magnificent statement:

 And say: ‘Praise be to AllahAllah, who will soon show you His signs, so that you shall know them’ and your Lord is not unmindful of all that you do. [Qur'aan 27:93]

 Thus, no one could have any excuse, and thus would AllahAllah’s plea be established against His creatures through His conscious and responsive creature who craves the truth, against His creatures who are either inattentive or feign inattention about the truth,

AllahAllah says:

 But those who dispute concerning AllahAllah after He has been accepted, - futile is their dispute in the sight of their Lord: on them is wrath, and for them will be a terrible penalty. [Qur'aan 42:16]


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