In the name of Allah ,the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

Islam explained to Hindus 2

Assalaamu Alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh,

Faults in hinduism are uncountable. The  more you learn islam more you understand that Hinduism is so false.

1) according to Holy Quran,

Surah Ikhlas
Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem1.Qul huwal laahu
3.Allah hus-samad
4.Lam yalid wa lam yoolad
5.Wa lam yakul-lahu kufuwan ahad

Meaning :

1.Say: He is Allah, the One and Only;
2.Allah, the Eternal, Absolute;
3.He begetteth not, nor is He begotten;
4.And there is none like unto Him

So anyone who fits these categories is only one God. Since in Hinduism most of the gods have kids and wife they can't be called as gods for instance, the main god Shiva has 2 kids and wife also one of their kid Ganesh ,has 2 wives. Moreover in Hinduism people worship animals and various avatar of their gods on earth and since all of them don't fulfill the above so therefore they can't be called as gods. As they are not eternal and they are born and they also have their families.

For instance, lord Ram who had a wife Sita and she was kidnapped by a demon. But when Ramsaved her and bought her back he refused to stay with Sita just cause she had spent a lot of time in the demons house so Ram became suspicious about her but actually she was a very pure woman, still Ram left his wife who later became pregnant too. So he isn't god either. Same with Lord Krishna who had more than a thousand wives. And both of them that to face death.

So having so many gods to worship in Hinduism actually creates diversion of worship. One can't concentrate, as per Islam there is only one God Allah ta'ala and to him we have to worship which seems perfect to me. Also some festivals are just an innovation like Ganesh utsav and very many cause nothing but harm to nature like Diwali causing air pollution.

Also in Hinduism there is no proper way of praying. There are only mantras prayers and aartis which don't help that much to connect with God. No evidence of purifying yourselves before praying. There is no such thing called as making dua for various things through out the day so that we remember Allah ta'ala every sec of our lives and be grateful to him. In addition to that the lord Shiva himself consumes intoxicating substances to focus while mediating so there are no restrictions drawn for common people to indulge in such stuff like drink alcohol or smoke.

Next improper thing is idol worship. God can't be put into those idols made of soil its so wrong to confine god to just an idol. And Islam also helps us to reach higher consciousness as we don't require any statue/idol to worship Allah ta'ala. It helps us to get closer to god without even actually seeing the God. It makes our belief and faith that strong.

No proper knowledge is given about life and thereafter its only that we keep spinning in the web of life becoming various life forms, either in heaven(in heaven till our good deeds are over) or hell(till punishment is over) and en back in the web until reaching enlightenment but in Islam there is proper guidance given about the sole purpose of a human life is worshiping Allah ta'ala, how to earn Jannah how to live a pure life rather the halal life stay away from haram how to be modest and pure it helps us to see life through a different perspective with Islam every problem in life is nothing but a test to get closer to Allah ta'ala. According to the Prophet (peace be upon him) this world is a prison for a believer and a paradise for a disbeliever it helps us to understand that we don't belong to this world our Lord has something better more nice for the righteous people.

There are various improper rituals like sati or the widow has to shave her head and become bald. Remarriage is allowed only for men . And there are various caste systems the untouchables deprived of various rights. Only the Brahmins are superior. Women cant lead a house or own a business and various other stuff. Many amongst these are still prevalent ,women are still disrespected and to some extent its because of this ideology carried on. But Islam gives proper rights equal status to both men and women since the ancient times. Women are made to wear hijab Because its a protection from Allah ta'ala it helps them to be more effective with their speech and views. People get to know their belief thoughts views first rather than their physical appearance It helps them to express oneself in a better way modest way.

The most worse part about Hinduism is the Shiva linga which is worshiped by many is actually the penis of Lord Shiva . My dad himself has told me this and I have also confirmed it from various sources on Internet. Phew! Knowing this my dad still doesn't have any problem to worship it. Yuck! Also there's an issue with the temples too they have pictures of naked women inside and outside both various temples in south India and other parts when asked my dad he said it's because it helps us to focus on our prayers rather than on the nude pictures but who the hell would like to pray in such an environment also how can they keep their gods inside such impure places total nonsense. I never wanted to say all this because it's too yuck n euuu but I felt its important.

So now maybe I can conclude that its a pure waste of life .. to live in the ignorance.

With Islam you can make your life happier and feel at ease that there is some one above us who is going to pass justice and who cares for all of us. The simple fact that he took time to make you says that your special to him. Also to be kind to our fellow brothers and sisters as even they are the creation of God, of Allah ta'ala and we should be together as one ummah.


One more thing people in Hinduism ask stuff from God it can be anything and when they get it they offer gold or anything they promised they would. People fail to understand that he is God not a wish granting genie. We are to pray to him and be patient. Islamically We get what we deserve. If not then its just because God will give us something better or that reward is been reserved for thereafter. The pens have been lifted and the ink has already dried.

Another concept of Hinduism karma which says the some of a person's actions in this and previous states of existence, are viewed as deciding their fate in future existences. But in Islam its kifarah which means what you give is what you will get back either its good or vice versa. Allah ta'ala is always fair and above all He knows everything.

One last thing I would like to mention is Gods in Hinduism also have their evil forms for example the kali maata who is also worshipped by people who do voodoo magic and black stuff to people. She has a very fierce look too. She gives power to bad people.

Wassalaam Alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh.

Written by Sister UmmMariam.

(A 16 year old who converted from Hinduism to Islam a convert to Islam.)


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