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What to do when family is against you wearing Niqab

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I am a born Muslim, Alhamdu lillah, although I did not practice when I was young I do MashaAllah practice and I also went to a Maddrassa for 3 1/2 years.


 I also wear the Niqab but even my some of my family members debate on this, but I ignore them and I do this to please Allah swt.  What can I tell them about this, as they think I am an extreme, and silly, sometimes I feel very upset about this, please explain to me what I should tell any one who ask me why I am doing this. 

Jazzakhallah khairan. 




Assaalamu `Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Babarakaatuhu Sister Zareena

All praise is to Allah, we praise Him, seek His aid, and ask His forgiveness. We seek refuge in Allah from the evils of ourselves, and from the bad consequences of our deeds. Whoever Allah guides there is none who can lead him (or her) astray, and whoever Allah leads astray there is none who can guide him (or her). 

I testify that there is none worthy of worship except Allah alone without any partners (i.e. sons, daughters, wives, etc), and I testify that Muhammad ibn Abdullah (peace be upon him) [the direct descendant of Ibraheem (AS) through his son Isma'eel (AS)] is His last Prophet and Messenger. As for what follows:

Know first of all, dear sister that Allah has blessed you by guiding you back to Islam. We cannot thank Allah enough for giving us this precious gift. Niqab is a well established practice in Islam. It was the practice of the mothers of the believers (prophet peace be upon him's wives) and it was also the practice of the Sahabiyat. Anyone who is against it is against Islam no matter how much they claim to be Muslim or even if they are an Imam of a Masjid.

Thus you are doing the right thing by wearing Niqab and ignoring what they are saying. You are our sister in Islam and I am very proud of you and it makes me very happy when I hear that a sister has decided to wear Niqab or when we see sisters wearing Niqab. So there are many brothers and sisters who are proud of you. Some of them may not even be practicing Islam themselves. The importance of Niqab cannot be cannot be over emphasised. Especially for sisters living in western countries, were men have no restrictions on fulfilling their lusts. The importance and need of Niqab has already been dealt in another article in great detail in the following link:.

Evidences of why Muslim Women should wear Niqab

I fully understand how upsetting it must be when you family say hurtful words. It is upsetting when a person is doing the right thing and others say no you are doing something wrong. It is even worse when such comments come form ones family. And it is even more upsetting when your family is Muslim and they say such things. We can understand that if the family is Kaffirs but a Muslim family should be encouraging their daughter to wear Niqab rather than discouraging her.

It just shows how far away from Islam some Muslims have gone. In fact when a person says that Niqab is silly and extreme then they can go out of the fold of Islam.

Tell your family that the prophets wives and the sahabahs wives, daughters, sisters wore Niqab. Are you saying they were silly and extreme?

Tell them then this could even take them outside of Islam.

Say they are the best women and they are our examples of how women should dress, behave and contribute to society.

Tell them I want to be a slave of Allah not a slave of the people. Say I want Islam to dictate how to live and not the kaffirs or the Munafics. Tell them  you say you are  Muslims so you should  also submit to the will of Allah and not to the will of society.

Tell them you love them and you do not want them to be in the hell fire with the disbelievers and the Munafics.

Many parents want to compete with society. Even if that competition is degrading. Just because it is the societies norm they will say my daughter can also do the same and better.

Some so called Muslim mothers form rich families beat their daughters for not revealing their aura and not dancing with non- Mehrem males.  They loose guidance and then they become just like the kaffirs. They loose all sense of shame.

Other parents do not realise that their little girl is a women and her face and body are appealing to men. It is hard for a Mehrem to realise that men could want to sleep with his daughter, niece, sister because he does not get the desires that other men get for her.

 Therefore some parents have to be educated about the realities of this world.  Therefore you should tell your family do you want men looking at my body and face and having perverted thoughts. Especially in this day and age when looking at a women's lips can cause so much perversions in the minds of men.

If they say oh some men imagine what she is like under her abya and Niqab. Say I am wearing this to please Allah and secondly going to aide them in their perversion by revealing my beauty. And say if that was the case why do you wear cloths in the summer heat.

the goal of Shaytan is to strip human beings of their clothing and thus reveal their aura. Shaytan could not accept that our father Adam was better than him so he plotted and planned to strip our father Adam and our mother Hawwa (eve0 of their dignity and respect.

Shaytan will use all his tools to do the same with you and me and the rest of the Muslims. The devil will even use our own families to strip us naked and reveal what we are not supposed to reveal to non-Mehrems.

This is a trial for you sister. It will make you Insha'Allah a better and stronger Muslim. Thus a better mother for your children and a better wife for your husband.

Have patience and thank Allah for opening your eyes and giving you the taufiq to practice Islam.

take care .

walikum salaam  Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Babarakaatuhu

AbuUbaida (Website Admin)