In the name of Allah ,the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful


Detailed discussion on whether Niqab is Fard
and the Importance of Niqab. 


Niqab muslim woman dress muslim veil

 All praise is to Allah, we praise Him, seek His aid, and ask His forgiveness. We seek refuge in Allah from the evils of ourselves, and from the bad consequences of our deeds. Whoever Allah guides there is none who can lead him (or her) astray, and  whoever Allah leads astray there is none who can guide him (or her). 

I testify that there is none worthy of worship except Allah alone without any partners (i.e. sons, daughters, wives, etc), and I testify that Muhammad ibn Abdullah (peace be upon him)  is His last Prophet and Messenger. As for what follows:

A number of Niqabi sisters, especially those who have converted to Islam, have had other Muslims harassing them for wearing Niqab. For those who have converted to Islam, the problems come from a wide range of people, husbands, father in laws, sister in laws, other Muslims some who are not practicing Islam and some times from those who appear to be practicing parts of Islam but are not quite up to the mark. It appears most of the problems that Niqabi sisters face is from Muslims born into Muslim families. Although on rare occasions some non-Niqabi convert sisters  too have harassed sisters wearing Niqab.

What Is Niqab, Bhurka and Hijab?

Niqab muslim woman dress muslim veilNiqab is a garment of clothing that covers the face.  It is worn by Muslim women. Some niqabs are just one layer and thus expose the eyes, Others have three layers were the eyes be either exposed or they can cover even their eyes with an extra thin transparent layer makes it harder for onlookers to see the eyes and a secound layer which completely hides the eyes but the Muslim woman wearing the veil (niqab) is able to still see through both layers.

The Bhurka worn in Afghanistan comes in one piece which covers the Muslim woman from head to ground. It has hole like grill for women to see through and thus is very easy to slip on quickly

 Hijab literally means a "Veil", a "Curtain", a Partition" or a "Separation". In Shariah terms Hijab does not just refer to the head covering. It is about covering everything of a woman thus leading to a separation of her beauty from men who are not her Mahrem. This will also include her clothing, they way she smells, the way she talks and the way she walks. Due to ignorance Hijab has been mistaken for the head covering. The head covering is actually called the Khimaar.


womans face. Which you can see in the picture on the left hand side. There are a great deal of misunderstandings about the Niqab and there are also numerous attacks on Niqab from misguided Muslims, from traitors and from non-Muslims.


These people are propagating lies about Niqab as they propagate lies about other issues of Islam. In sha Allah in this comprehensive article I will try to clear the misunderstandings about the ruling on Niqab and refute the arguments against Niqab.

 In brief, Islamic scholars have talked about the issue of Niqab in detail. Some of them believe Niqab is Fard ( compulsory) and others believe it is not Fard but regard it  as a highly recommended Sunnah. By compulsory they mean if a sister doesn't wear Niqab she is sinning and the other team of scholars say  she does not sin if she doesn't wear it but she should wear it when there are men about and also when there are dangers of fitna.

For instance Sheikh 'Abdul-'Azeez 'Abdullah bin Baaz and Shaikh Muhammad ibn Saalih Al-'Uthaimeen said that the Niqab is indeed wajib (compulsory upon the believing women ) and their argument is strong and convincing, Others such as the Muhaddith of our time Sheikh Muhammad Naasiru-Deen Al-Albaani said that the Niqab is not wajib (compulsory) but rather Mustahab (highly recommended).

Even those who believe that Niqab is not Fard say that when the Muslimah is very close to the men. She MUST cover her face. Or if she knows that such men will look at her with desire or a wrong way then she MUST also cover her face.

Many of the great Scholars of the past have also said that Niqab is Fard (compulsory). Therefore the safer option would be  to wear the Niqab

For if you wear it and it was not Fard (compulsory). Then you will In sha' Allah at least get the reward for practicing something that the Prophet peace be upon him approved of and which his wives and the Sahabiyat did.They are the roles models for the women of this Ummah with regards to how a women should dress and behave. So you do not loose out  if you wear the Niqab.

For those who say Niqab is not compulsory they quote the following hadith

narrated by Abu Dawood (4104) from al-Waleed from Sa’eed ibn Basheer from Qataadah from Khaalid ibn Durayk from ‘Aa’ishah (may Allaah be pleased with her), that Asma’ bint Abi Bakr entered upon the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) wearing a thin dress. The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) turned away from her and said, “O Asma’, when a woman reaches the age of puberty, nothing should be seen of her except this and this” – and he pointed to his face and hands.

However Abu Dawood himself  said: This is mursal; Khaalid ibn Durayk did not meet ‘Aa’ishah (may Allaah be pleased with her).

Many great scholars have said this is not an authentic narrartion

Even if we assume that this hadith is authentic. Some scholars have said that this incident occurred before Hijab was enjoined. I think it is very unlikely that Asma would have wore a thin dress after the enjoining of Hijab

Ibn Qudaamah said: “With regard to the hadeeth of Asma’, it is to be understood as having occurred before the verse of Hijab was revealed.

So lets look at the evidences for Niqab

How did Niqab Begin

Niqab is indeed a practice of the Sahabiyaat and the mothers of the believers

The story of Niqab begins from the following Hadith in Sahih Bukhari

Narrated Umar: I said, "O Allah's Apostle! Good and bad persons enter upon you, so I suggest that you order the mothers of the Believers (i.e. your wives) to observe veils." Then Allah revealed the Verses of Al-Hijab.

Bukhari Volume: 6, Book Number: 60, Hadith Number: 313

It was narrated from ‘Aa’ishah that the wives of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) used to go out at night to al-Manaasi’ (well known places in the direction of al-Baqee’) to relieve themselves and ‘Umar used to say to the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), “Let your wives be veiled.” But the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) did not do that. Then one night Sawdah bint Zam’ah, the wife of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), went out at ‘Isha’ time and she was a tall woman. ‘Umar called out to her: “We have recognized you, O Sawdah!” hoping that hijab would be revealed, then Allaah revealed the verse of hijab.

Narrated by al-Bukhaari, 146; Muslim, 2170.

We learn from this hadith the wives of the Prophet peace be upon held a very high position in Islam and thus any malicious talk about them would be a direct attack on the Prophet. So Umar did not want anyone to recognise them when they went out of their homes.

How is a woman recognised? Is it by her hair or her face?

Whenever an identity check is required, seeing a women's face is both essential and sufficient. Whenever a lady wants to do something that requires an Identity check. Her face is checked to see if it is actually her. It is her face that is checked not her hair.   Even if her hair does not match it is said  the person in real life and the one in the passport photo is the same. Then security clearance is given. A guard will not say "Hey, I need to see your hair, but you can keep your face covered because I can identify you from your hair."

 In 99.99 percent of cases the we can all tell the difference between faces and to whom the face belongs to. But to recognise and differentiate people by looking at their hair would be highly inaccurate and most likely impossible.

After Umar's requests for the Prophet's wives to be veiled. Allah revealed the following verse.

"O Prophet! Tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to draw their cloaks (veils) all over their bodies (i.e. screen themselves completely except the eyes or one eye to see the way). That will be better, that they should be known (as free respectable women) so as not to be annoyed. And Allah is Ever Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful"

[al-Ahzaab 33:59]

 It was narrated from Ibn Shihaab that Anas said: I am the most knowledgeable of people about hijab. Ubayy ibn Ka’b used to ask me about it. When the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) married Zaynab bint Jahsh, whom he married in Madeenah, he invited the people to a meal after the sun had risen. The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) sat down and some men sat around him after the people had left, until the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) stood up and walked a while, and I walked with him, until he reached the door of ‘Aa’ishah’s apartment. Then he thought that they had left so he went back and I went back with him, and they were still sitting there. He went back again, and I went with him, until he reached the door of ‘Aa’ishah’s apartment, then he came back and I came back with him, and they had left. Then he drew a curtain between me and him, and the verse of hijab was revealed.

Al-Bukhaari, 5149; Muslim, 1428.


Then the women began to observe Hijab in front of men. 

It was narrated that Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her) said: May Allah have mercy on the women of the Muhaajireen. When Allah revealed the words (interpretation of the meaning)

"and to draw their Khumur (veils) all over Juyoobihinna (i.e. their bodies, faces, necks and bosoms)"

[al-Noor 24:31], they tore their aprons and covered their faces with them.� 

(Narrated by al-Bukhaari, 4480)



Allah says in Surah An Noor

And tell the believing women to lower their gaze, and protect their private parts (from illegal sexual acts, etc.) and not to show off their Zeenah (adornment) except only that which is apparent (like palms of hands or one eye or both eyes for necessity to see the way, or outer dress like (Khumur) veil, gloves, head-cover, apron, etc.), and to draw their veils all over Juyubihinna (i.e. their bodies, faces, necks and bosoms, etc.) and not to reveal their adornment except to their husbands, their fathers, their husband's fathers, their sons, their husband's sons, their brothers or their brother's sons, or their sister's sons, or their (Muslim) women (i.e. their sisters in Islam), or the (female) slaves whom their right hands possess, or old male servants who lack vigour, or small children who have no sense of the shame of sex. And let them not stamp their feet so as to reveal what they hide of their adornment. And all of you beg Allah to forgive you all, O believers, that you may be successful. (24:31)


It was narrated from Aisha" that Safwaan ibn al-Muattal al-Sulami al-Dhakwaani was lagging behind the army. He came to where I had stopped and saw the black shape of a person sleeping. He recognized me when he saw me, because he had seen me before Hijab was enjoined. I woke up when I heard him saying "Inna Lillaahi wa inna ilayhi raajioon (verily to Allah we belong and unto Him is our return)," when he saw me, and I covered my face with my Jilbab." 

(Narrated by al-Bukhaari, 3910; Muslim, 2770) 

Look at how our mother Aisha , who is regarded as one of the best scholars of all time, understood the commandment of Hijab. She speaks of Safwaan ibn al-Muattal al-Sulami al-Dhakwaani recognising her because he had seen her face before the commandment of Hijab and further again she says she covered her face. She says he recognised me when he saw me because he had seen me before Hijab was enjoined. Now note the word recognised and seen. A man or a women will recognise a women from her face even if her hair is covered. Thus this hadith shows that the purpose of Hijab was so that she could not be recognised.

If the purpose of Hijab was just to cover the hair and not the face then she wouldn't have said he had seen me before the command of Hijab. It is clear that the Hijab stopped men from seeing the faces of women and thus being unable to recognise any non Mehrem women whom they had not seen before the command of Hijab.

Furthermore she covered her face. Had Hijab not been Fard them then she would not have had any need to cover her face in front of him especially since he has already seen her prior to the command of Hijab.

  It was narrated from ‘Urwah that ‘Aa’ishah said: The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) used to pray Fajr and the believing women would attend (the prayer) with him, wrapped in their aprons, then they would go back to their houses and no one would recognize them.

Narrated by al-Bukhaari, 365; Muslim, 645.

The Mufassireen, such as Al-Qurtubi, site in their Tafseer of the Ayah on Jilbaab (Al-Ahzab 33:59) that the Jilbaab is: "a cloth which covers the entire body... Ibnn 'Abbaas and 'Ubaidah As-Salmaani said that it is to be fully wrapped around the women's body, so that nothing appears but one eye with which she can see." [Tafseer Al-Qurtubi]

The most beautiful part of a woman to most men is her face. Let us look what the Prophet peace be upon him said about the face and the veil of the women of paradise.

Narrated Anas:

Um Haritha came to Allah's Apostle after Haritha had been martyred on the Day (of the battle) of Badr by an arrow thrown by an unknown person. She said, "O Allah's Apostle! You know the position of Haritha in my heart (i.e. how dear to me he was), so if he is in Paradise, I will not weep for him, or otherwise, you will see what I will do." The Prophet said, "Are you mad? Is there only one Paradise? There are many Paradises, and he is in the highest Paradise of Firdaus." The Prophet added, "A forenoon journey or an after noon journey in Allah's Cause is better than the whole world and whatever is in it; and a place equal to an arrow bow of anyone of you, or a place equal to a foot in Paradise is better than the whole world and whatever is in it; and if one of the women of Paradise looked at the earth, she would fill the whole space between them (the earth and the heaven) with light, and would fill whatever is in between them, with perfume, and the veil of her face is better than the whole world and whatever is in it." (Bukhari Volume 8, Book 76, Number 572:)

Look at the importance of the face of the women of paradise. It is so beautiful and her veil is so precious. Likewise the faces of the women of this world are also beautiful and their veils precious to men.

You will see men on websites like facebook saying to Sisters  with quite attractive comments like "hey will be comments like " you are so hot, sexy, you have a nice smile lets be friends, you have a pretty face, "you are stunning, gorgeous", "Your lips are so nice", "I want to kiss them"  "email me  or contact me and so on" 

Such comments are rare to Niqabis and if some comments are made they are usually because the Niqabis Sisters is not wearing Niqab properly because usually the Sisters are just posing in a Niqab for the camera and now lowering their gaze whilst taking the picture.

Several sisters, especially those who from 16-30 age group have said that when they wore just Jilbab and Hijab, they were approached by boys trying to flirt with them or ask them for their numbers. One sister for instance said that even when she was with her mother making a purchase in a store the non Muslims boy was trying to flirt with her. After such type of  experiences they realised they should wear Niqab. When they wore Niqab they found this problem of boys approaching them for dating was solved and they didn't not get such propositions.


In an authentic Hadeeth

The Prophet (peace be upon him ) commanded: "A woman (pilgrim) does not cover her face with a Niqab (i.e. does not tie or affix) nor should she wear gloves." [Al-Bukhari; Muslim; Saheeh Abi Dawood #1600; authenticated by Al-Albaani]. 

Thus, from this authentic Hadeeth, we can clearly see that the Sahabiyaat (RA) were accustomed to covering their faces with Niqab otherwise, there would not have been any need for the Prophet (peace be upon him) to specifically forbid it during the state of Ihram. Likewise, during Ihram, men are forbidden to cover their heads which shows that outside of being in the state of Ihram they were accustomed to covering their heads, and Allah knows best. 


It was narrated that Asma’ bint Abi Bakr said: We used to cover our faces in front of men.

Narrated by Ibn Khuzaymah, 4/203; al-Haakim, 1/624. He classed it as saheeh and al-Dhahabi agreed with him. It was also classed as saheeh by al-Albaani in Jilbaab al-Mar’ah al-Muslimah

It was narrated that ‘Aasim al-Ahwaal said: We used to enter upon Hafsah bint Sireen who had put her jilbab thus and covered her face with it, and we would say to her: May Allaah have mercy on you. Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): “And as for women past childbearing who do not expect wedlock, it is no sin on them if they discard their (outer) clothing in such a way as not to show their adornment” [al-Noor 24:60]. And she would say to us: What comes after that? We would say: “But to refrain (i.e. not to discard their outer clothing) is better for them”. And she would say: That is confirming the idea of hijab.

Narrated by al-Bayhaqi, 7/93.

It was narrated that Aisha said: "The riders used to pass by us when we were with the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) in ihraam. When they came near, each of us would lower her jilbaab from her head over her face, and when they passed by we would uncover (our faces)." 

(Narrated by Abu Dawood, 1833; Ahmad, 24067  Shaykh al-Albaani said in Jilbaab al-Mar ah al-Muslimah (107): its isnaad is hasan because of the existence of corroborating reports.)

This hadith indicates that a Muslimah does not wear a fixed Niqab when in ihram but when men come near she can cover the face by lowering the jilbaab from her head over her face and uncover the face when the men pass by during Ihram.

Also Jaabir ibn Abd-Allaah said: "The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: "When any one of you wants to propose marriage to a woman, if he can look at that which will motivate him to go ahead and marry her, then let him do so." I proposed marriage to a girl and I used to hide myself until I saw that which motivated me to go ahead and marry her, then I married her." (Classed as hasan by al-Albaani in Saheeh Abi Dawood, no. 1832. In the report narrated by Ibn Maajah it says that he hid in her garden to see her). 

This hadeeth indicates that the women of the Sahabah used to cover their faces, because if it had been the custom for women to uncover their faces, there would have been no need to hide, because he would have been able to see her in any place if she had been uncovering her face. 

Furthur more

Some of the enemies of Islam amongst the kaffirs and the Munafics want to stop Sisters form wearing Niqab and say Niqab is Arab culture. Well the above hadiths and Ayats have shown that Niqab is not part of Arabic culture because if it was just Arab culture then what are they saying. That the wives of the Prophet peace be upon him did not observe Arab culture before the revelation of verses of Hijab but observed Arab culture after the revelation of Hijab. This is how ridiculous their attacks on Niqab are. A child could even see how stupid they are. However, some Muslims believe such nonsense due to lack of ability to reflect. What can we say about such poor brothers and sisters who can be lead astray so easily?

Shaytan enmity with mankind

My dear brothers and sisters. The issue of both men and women covering their aura is not a light issue. It has always been the goal of Shaytan (Satan) to cause mankind to become naked and his shame be exposed from the time of  the first human being, Adam, the father of the whole of humanity,.

Allah promised our father  Adam (father of all humans), that in Jannah (heaven) he would never be naked and he will never go hungry. Allah honoured Adam and the whole of mankind by creating for us clothing. Such an honour was not bestowed upon the animals, Satan and the jinn's. They do not have cloth.

The Story of satan's enmity towards the father of mankind , Adam and thus the whole of Humanity is repeated in almost every juz of the Quran. Every Muslim should know this story and understand its implications.

When Allah had completed the creation of Adam, He commanded the angels to prostrate to him, so they prostrated, except for Iblees, who was present but he refused and was too arrogant to prostrate to Adam: 
"(Remember) when your Lord said to the angels: "Truly, I am going to create man from clay. 
So when I have fashioned him and breathed into him (his) soul created by Me, then you fall down prostrate to him." 
So the angels prostrated themselves, all of them, 
Except Iblees (Satan), he was proud and was one of the disbelievers"
[Saad 38:71-74  interpretation of the meaning]
Then Allah told the angels that He was going to place Adam on earth and make generations after generations of his offspring, as He said (interpretation of the meaning): 
"And (remember) when your Lord said to the angels: "Verily, I am going to place (mankind) generations after generations on earth" 
[al-Baqarah 2:30]
When Iblees refused to prostrate to Adam, Allah expelled him and cursed him: 
"(Allah) said: "Then get out from here; for verily, you are outcast. 
And verily, My Curse is on you till the Day of Recompense."
[Saad 38:77-78 interpretation of the meaning]
When Iblees knew of his fate, he asked Allah to give him respite until the Day of Resurrection: 
'[Iblees (Satan)] said: "My Lord! Give me then respite till the Day the (dead) are resurrected." 
(Allah) said: "Verily, you are of those allowed respite 
Till the Day of the time appointed" 
Saad 38:79-81  interpretation of the meaning]
When Allah granted him that, he declared war on Adam and his descendents, made disobedience attractive to them and tempted them to commit immoral actions: 
"[Iblees (Satan)] said: "By Your Might, then I will surely, mislead them all, 
Except Your chosen slaves amongst them (i.e. faithful, obedient, true believers of Islamic Monotheism)." 
[Saad 38:82-83 interpretation of the meaning]

Shaytan started his war with mankind by trying to pretend he was a well wisher of Adam and Hawwa (eve)

Allah caused Adam and his wife to dwell in Paradise and as a test for them, Allah commanded them to eat of the fruits of Paradise but He forbade them to eat from one tree: 
"And We said: "O Adam! Dwell you and your wife in the Paradise and eat both of you freely with pleasure and delight, of things therein as wherever you will, but come not near this tree or you both will be of the Zaalimoon (wrong-doers)."
[al-Baqarah 2:35  interpretation of the meaning]
Allah warned Adam and his wife against the Shaytaan, as He said (interpretation of the meaning): 
"O Adam! Verily, this is an enemy to you and to your wife. So let him not get you both out of Paradise, so that you will be distressed" 
[Ta-Ha 20:117]

Then Shaytaan (Satan) whispered suggestions to them both in order to uncover that which was hidden from them of their private parts (before); he said: "Your Lord did not forbid you this tree save you should become angels or become of the immortals." ).(Quran 7:20)

. And he [Shaytaan (Satan)] swore by Allah to them both (saying):
"Verily, I am one of the sincere well wishers for you both." ).(Quran 7:21)

So he misled them with deception. Then when they tasted of the tree, that which was hidden from them of their shame (private parts) became manifest to them and they began to stick together the leaves of Paradise over themselves (in order to cover their shame). And their Lord called out to them (saying):

"Did I not forbid you that tree and tell you: Verily, Shaytaan (Satan) is an open enemy unto you?" ) (Quran 7:22)

Thus for their disobedience to Allah. The honour of being clothed was immediately taken away. This is what Satan wanted all along. He was jealous of the great honour that Allah had given to Adam and Hawwa. And he wanted to mislead them and have them stripped of the honour they had been given.

We can see how mankind as a whole is deceived by satan into disobeying Allah. Which leads to mankind loosing their sense of honour and causing their Aura to be naked,

Satan tricks men and women to uncover what Allah has told them is shameful to uncover amongst certain people,

Satan tricked Adam and Eve by falsely promising them that if they ate form the tree they will become angels and become immortals and it would not be a sin to eat form that fruit.

Thus this battle of the Hijab is not a new battle. It started in heaven and will continue till the last day. We often wonder why do the Islam hating  kaffirs and the Munafics have such hostility to Hijab. They fine Sisters who wear Niqab in European countries and threaten them with imprisonment if they don't pay the fine. In the land of Democracy such as France they banned Muslim girls wearing covering their heads from an School. Even in Muslim countries ruled by Munafics, Sisters wearing sisters just covering heads were not allowed to enter universities. Any who wanted a degree had to uncover her head. This happened in Turkey for many decades. Even now they do not allow Niqab in Turkey. A Turkish sister was saying she had to leave her degree because it was a choice between taking of her Niqab and being allowed to continue her education or keeping her Niqab and being expelled.

Yet at the same time they Bomb Afghanistan and say the Taliban doesn't allow females to go to school. The Taliban said that they had Female medicals students but for the Girls they wanted time to develop a curriculum which was Islamic and did not teach Kaffir values or Kaffir ways of thinking.

Yet the French and even some British 6 form schools deprive sisters of an education by telling them to leave Niqab or covering the head or leave the school. Even though they have are actually getting a free chance to brainwash these Muslim girls with kaffir secular values.

So both satan and his allies amongst the humans want to expose the Muslimahs Aura

One of the ultimate goal of shaytan is for you to expose what you are not allowed to expose. In the history of humanity, shaytan tried to get men and women to uncover the parts that Allah ordered them to cover.

"O Children of Adam! We have bestowed raiment upon you to cover yourselves (screen your private parts, etc.) and as an adornment, and the raiment of righteousness, that is better. Such are among the Ayat (proofs, evidences, verses, lessons, signs, revelations, etc.) of Allah, that they may remember (i.e. leave falsehood and follow truth )."(Quran 7:26)

 "O Children of Adam! Let not Shaitan (Satan) deceive you, as he got your parents [Adam and Hawwa (Eve)] out of Paradise, stripping them of their raiments, to show them their private parts. Verily, he and Qabiluhu (his soldiers from the jinns or his tribe) see you from where you cannot see them. Verily, We made the Shayatin (devils) Auliyâ' (protectors and helpers) for those who believe not."
(Quran 7:27)

Through history shaytan has deceived people. The first fitna for the children of Israel was through the women. When shaytan persuaded women to go outside their homes without covering the way Allah had commanded them to cover.
The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) warned against: "Beware of women, for the first fitna among the Children of Israel was because of women." Narrated by Muslim (2742). 
And he said: "I have not left behind me any fitnah more harmful to men than women." Narrated by al-Bukhaari (5096)and Muslim (2742)

Narrated AbuSa'id al-Khudri: 
Allah's Apostle (peace be upon him) said: There was a woman from Banu Isra'il who was short-statured and she walked in the company of two tall women, with wooden sandals in her feet and a ring of gold made of plates with musk filled in them and then looked up, and musk is the best of scents; then she walked between two women and they (the people) did not recognize her, and she made a gesture with her hand like this, and Shu'bah shook his hand in order to give an indication how she shook her hand.
Muslim 20: Book Number: 26, Hadith Number: 5598

Thus shaytan persuaded this women to go out in a way that would attract men.   High heels today are very common. We can  how they make a women move her body more seductively. He buttocks move vigorously mesmerising the men, her chest is made to lean forward and the hearts of men lean to her breasts, her legs to appear more slender and seductive. Her heals made such a noise as to awaken the men's desires. Telling them i am here. They go tik tak and the mans hearts starts to do bhangra (dil vagda - heart starts dancing) and voices in his head are saying Kuri Kuri (Girl Girl). Then there's perfume. Women wearing perfume is also common place and we know how  it makes a man want to get close to her, smell her body and then to taste her flesh. 

We should realise that fashion was not first invented in Paris but rather this sort of fashion was invented in the shaytans factory  To strip humans from the honour that Allah has bestowed upon them. Shaytan want humans to dwell in hellfire with him. Shaytan knows he will go to hell for his arrogance and he wants to take as many humans with him as possible because he blames humans for his own destruction.

After the Jews it was the Christians who were tricked by shaytan. Their  head covering and possibly veil became exclusive for certain people. The nuns. Then it went shorter and shorter.  Sometimes from the top and sometimes from the bottom. And you can see some of the nuns now they show their neck and parts of their legs.

Today shaytan tricks  some Muslims by making similar promises to the Muslim women and the their families as he made to Adam and Hawwa. He promises Muslim women that they will get nice husbands if they remove the Niqab. Then shaytan promises the Muslims that the Kuffaar will be happy with them, will stop attacking us, we will not look extremists to the kuffaar and they will flock to Islam if our women folk remove their Niqab or even the head covering. 

But those who do not fall for the tricks of shaytan will say disobeying Allah cannot give us good. It will result in destruction and loss of honour. We will be stripped of our dignity. Just like our parents Adam and Hawwa forgot and disobeyed Allah. They listened to the whisperings of shaytan and their shame was exposed and they were expelled from paradise.

 A Muslimah should ask Allah for a good husband not have shaytan helping her. Shaytan only wishes harm for you.

 We call people to Islam in the hope  to make the world of Allah above all else and thus gain the pleasure of Allah.

 Allah and His messenger have shown us how to do dawah. How can some one call to Islam and say it is prefect yet imply that his/her way is better than that which Allah and his Messenger have shown us. His or her way could be inspired by shaytan


Allah says:

"By Allah, We indeed sent (Messengers) to the nations before you (O Muhammad ), but Shaitan (Satan) made their deeds fair-seeming to them. So he (Satan) is their Wali (helper) today (i.e. in this world), and theirs will be a painful torment. 16:63.

We are told that we will follow the Jews and Christians in every way. So much so that if a Jew or Christians was to have sex with his own mother some one among the Muslims will copy his way.

It was proven that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: "Whoever imitates a people is one of them." Narrated by Imam Ahmad and Abu Dawood. In Saheeh Muslim (2077)

It is narrated from Abd-Allaah ibn Amr that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) saw him wearing two garments dyed with safflower, and he said, "These are from the clothing of the kuffaar " do not wear them

As mentioned earlier the Jewish women went astray a particular way and Christian women went also astray a particular way. In every rakah of every.

 Salah we ask Allah to make different from  the Jews and Christians. Unfortunately some Muslim men and women have become like them. As mentioned earlier the Christians were tricked by shaytan into thinking the Hijab is just for a certain pious elite amongst them called the Nuns. Who dedicated themselves to the Church etc.

Some Niqabi sisters have said that their husbands and other sisters say that Niqab is just for the wives of the Prophet peace be upon him. Some Munafics (hypocrites pretending to be Muslim) have gone so far as to say that the whole Muslim dress code is just for the Wives of the Prophet peace be upon him. And they try to fool us by using quoting some verses and not quoting all the verses to do with the issue of women�s dress code.

For instance the quote the following two verses

Allah says:

"O you who believe! Enter not the Prophet's houses, except when leave is given to you for a meal, (and then) not (so early as) to wait for its preparation. But when you are invited, enter, and when you have taken your meal, disperse, without sitting for a talk. Verily, such (behaviour) annoys the Prophet, and he is shy of (asking) you (to go), but Allah is not shy of (telling you) the truth. And when you ask (his wives) for anything you want, ask them from behind a screen, that is purer for your hearts and for their hearts. And it is not (right) for you that you should annoy Allah's Messenger, nor that you should ever marry his wives after him (his death). Verily! With Allah that shall be an enormity� (Quran 33:53)

And in another verse Allah says:

"It is no sin on them (the Prophet's wives, if they appear unveiled) before their fathers, or their sons, or their brothers, or their brother's sons, or the sons of their sisters, or their own (believing) women, or their (female) slaves, and keep your duty to Allah. Verily, Allah is Ever All Witness over everything." (Quran 33:55)

Obviously the two verses talk only about the Prophet's (peace be upon him) wives. Some very stupid people use these verses in a poor attempt to get sisters away form Niqab. In fact in the 1990's such people tried to use these verses to get Muslim women to falsely believe that even covering the hair  was not compulsory for the ordinary Muslim women. Some enemies of Islam are still doing this in the hope that the Muslim women who are ignorant of their religion will believe them and stop covering.

The reason why the cannot use these verses to falsely suggest that Hijab   just for the Prophet's wives is that, only 4 verses latter in the same Surah Allah say:

"O Prophet! Tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to draw their cloaks (veils) all over their bodies (i.e.screen themselves completely except the eyes or one eye to see the way). That will be better, that they should be known (as free respectable women) so as not to be annoyed. And Allah is Ever Of Forgiving, Most Merciful." (Quran 33:53)

This verse clearly shows that the Hijab is for all Muslim women. Since this verse is so close to the other two verses, anyone who says Hijab is just compulsory for the wives of the Prophet (peace be upon him), and claims to be a Muslim and is a speaker or a writer or runs an Dawah organisation (man or women) must be one of the two. Either he is a Munafic (worst form of a non-Muslim as he/she is a hypocrite pretending to be Muslim and clear enemy of Islam) or he or she is extremely dumb.

They enemies of Islam mainly the kaffirs used to concentrate their attack on the Authenticity of the Quran. Because if you can prove that the Holy book of a religion is incorrect then you destroy that religion completely. However for so many centuries they could not find a single mistake in the Quran and they finally gave up. But instead of saying this book is from our creator. Their jealousy, hate and arrogance makes them try to find other ways of getting Muslims away from Islam and try to prevent non-Muslims from coming to Islam. So now they try to attack the secound source of Islam which is the Hadiths of the Prophet peace be upon him. 

Similarly the Munafics (hypocrites) have tried many ways to get Muslims away from Hijab. One of them was to work with the kaffirs.

The kaffirs acted as the bad guys by attacking Muslim women and girls physically and along came the Munafics pretending to be the well wishers of the true Muslims and saying you are in danger of being attacked. So save your self and stop wearing covering your head.

MashaAllah even the Muslim children less than 16 years of age told them "We will not stop wearing Hijab. Allah has promised to protect us and he will protect us"

 After their  plot against the head covering  was foiled they went for an easier attack. That was to attack the Niqab  as they know that  there is division between the Muslim scholars over weather Niqab is Fard or something that is very highly   recommended.

Interestingly you will find the Munafics and the Kaffirs will use the writings of great scholars such as sheik Albaani and twist things.

They will say Sheik Albaani said Niqab is not Fard but they wont mention that Sheik Albaani and other scholars who believe that Niqab is not Fard say it is a highly recommended Sunnah.. They also say when the Muslimah is very close to the men. She MUST cover her face. Or that she knows that such men will look at her with desire or a wrong way then she must cover her face. Yet they leave these statements of sheik Albaani and others out of their writings in the hope that Sisters will stop wearing Niqab.

One dumb woman was saying hey listen to Why I wear Hijab and not Niqab. Then she went to quote sheik Albaani opinions on Niqab. But the true reality is that sheik did not say do not wear Niqab. But rather he himself believed Niqab was highly recommended. 

Yet this poor women is trying to suggest that wearing Niqab is something not good and makes a women inferior. So what are such women saying that the Sahabiyaat and the Prophet's wives were doing something less good by wearing Niqab in a society were fitna was less than that of today and the heart of the Sahabah were far more purer than our hearts?

Such men and women are dumb because I don't believe everyone of them is Munafics but rather just lacking in logical thinking.

The face of a women is something highly desirable to a man. Any man who is normal no matter how pious he may be. If he saw a women with a beautiful face he will want to look at her again even if she has a head covering on. If he is very pious he may try very hard not to go for a secound look and he may even succeed. Even those brothers who, along with their wives are against Niqab,  you often see them staring at the faces of sisters with Just head coverings.

One sister said she decided to have a Niqab picture only on her profile on a website because she was getting sexual remarks  men such as You are so hot and so on even though she had her head covered.

In certain websites like facebook were sisters have their pictures in their profiles. You will see men going absolutely crazy over sisters with certain type of face. They will be comments like " you are so hot, your are sexy, you have a nice smile lets be friends, you have a pretty face, you are stunning, gorgeous, Your lips are so nice that I want to kiss them, my email is this contact me and so on" 

However when the Niqab is worn such comments are rare and only occur when the sister does not wear Niqab properly she may get unwanted comments. For instance she may not be covering all her face and parts of her face is shown, the Niqab she wears is colourful or shows too much of her eyes especially when she has rather attractive eyes. In many cases such sisters do not actually wear Niqab in real life and thus do not know how to wear Niqab nor do not care.

Another argument that I heard was that a women's eyes are beautiful. Yes they are but if she  wears Niqab and  lowers her gaze when men are in visible distance then her eyes and face will not been seen.  But if she does not wear Niqab then even if she lowers her gaze her beautiful face will be seen.


There are even so many songs about the woman with the Beautiful face.

The Famous Bollywood songs talk about this. One song says:

"Tere Chehreh se Nazar nahee hat tee.

Nazareh ham kia deykeh"

[  I can remove my gaze away from your face. What else could I look at anything else (meaning nothing on earth is so beautiful as your face. I couldn't possibly look at anything else.)? ]

Part of another song say

Tera ang sacha sona , muskaan sache moti

tere hont hai madhushaala, tu roop ki hai jyoti

(Your body is like true gold and your smile is like true pearls

Your lips are like a tavern. you are the vision of beauty)

When a convert sister started wearing a head scarf she explained to her family that it keeps you special for that special loved one. The brother said he couldn't understand why a head scarf would keep you special.

If she wore niqab the brother would probably say oh she don't want anyone to look at her beauty. Ofcourse we know a women's hair has a degree of beauty in it but it is far less than a woman's face.




It is also well know that men are attracted to women's lips. Some women spend vast amounts of money on lip stick and some even on surgery to beautify their lips and make them even more appealing for men.

Several magazine articles, polls,  blogs have  been dedicated to the lips of the  actress Angelina Jolie.

 Describing her Lips as being big and sexy. What does sexy mean. We can see how close this word is with sex. It seems to be a very good description of something that is seductive, having sexual appeal and having the ability to lure the men to commit fornication and adultery.

Men clearly state what their fascination is about  women's lips.  They think her lips in particular will be good for kissing and even more intimate things. These are the thoughts that go through their mind , which they even write on blogs and forums.

Therefore when the Shariah hating British politician Jack Straw (whose Mother is Jewish) says he wants to see women's lips when he is talking to them. We know exactly why he wants to see women's lips.  When the wives of these kind of men learn about  their husbands cheating  with on their wife with  their secretary or other women they cannot understand why it happened.

The beauty of the face and the value of the Niqab is even mentioned in hadith.

Narrated Anas:
Um (the mother of) Haritha came to Allah's Apostle after Haritha had been martyred on the Day (of the battle) of Badr by an arrow thrown by an unknown person. She said, "O Allah's Apostle! You know the position of Haritha in my heart (i.e. how dear to me he was), so if he is in Paradise, I will not weep for him, or otherwise, you will see what I will do." The Prophet said, "Are you mad? Is there only one Paradise? There are many Paradises, and he is in the highest Paradise of Firdaus." The Prophet added, "A forenoon journey or an after noon journey in Allah's Cause is better than the whole world and whatever is in it; and a place equal to an arrow bow of anyone of you, or a place equal to a foot in Paradise is better than the whole world and whatever is in it; and if one of the women of Paradise looked at the earth, she would fill the whole space between them (the earth and the heaven) with light, and would fill whatever is in between them, with perfume, and the veil of her face is better than the whole world and whatever is in it.(Bukhari Volume 8, Book 76, Number 572 )

There are some groups who want a modern Islam (i.e. they want to change Islam). They generally believe in free mixing of the two sex's and are  opposed to Niqab and some are violently opposed to Niqab from among even their leadership. Even some brothers from such ridiculous groups admit that certain sisters (with head covering but no niqab) are big fitna for them. Some will say no they are not and may suggest the problems is just for the unmarried ones and their wives may even mock and abuse sisters in Niqab. Yet you will find the same husbands  cannot control their eyes whenever a pretty sister without niqab (but head covering and jilbab) passes by. Their eyes  following them. 

Even the most pious Muslims (which are very few) cannot compare their levels of piety with the piety of the Sahabah and Sahabiyaat, 

Let us imagine how that environment must have been. A city full of best Muslims ever to live on this earth. Yet even in such an amazing conditions the Muslimahs felt it necessary to wear Niqab. 

Now let us look at our state of affairs. There is no one who fears Allah like the Sahabah. Even in the Muslim community the majority do not adhere strictly to Islam. Some are on drugs, others drinking and going disco and committing zina. You cannot expect such people to leave any women alone as they do not fear Allah like the Sahabah feared Allah. Then in non Muslim countries they aren�t going to fear Allah at all as they do not believe in Islam. So do you think they are going to lower their gaze?

Some Muslims are tricked by shaytan in to thinking Niqab should be worn just in Muslim countries. This defies logic as one of the purposes of the Islamic dress for a Muslimah is her protection against unwanted advances. The most pious men you have in a society the less likely something bad will happen. If the society is full of almost 99 percent Muslims and they are all very pious. Then the risk of fornication and adultery and rape is going to be far less. 


Yet if the Sahabiyaat wore Niqab is such pious societies. Then in today's Muslim societies which are full of Muslims who jump at the chance for fornication and adultery then it only seems right that if the Sahabiyaat felt it necessary to wear Niqab in their pious society then Muslim women need to wear it for sure in our impious Muslim societies and even more in Non-Muslim countries were the majority do not even believe in Islam and their morals are very little if any when it comes to sex. They society does not restrict them to sex inside marriage. But it even encourages them to have sex with at least  a handful of people before marriage. The one who is the best puller (seducer) is admired and congratulated. And for many, it is even a goal to sleep with as many women as possible and brag that he has slept with so many women.


The more a women covers the less the chance of men trying to seduce her. If she wears Jilbaab and khymar (scarf) without gloves and Niqab then less chance than her being seduced if she had the same attractive face as a women with the same face wearing say a miniskirt and a short top. If however the sister wore Niqab and gloves then she I less likely to be hit on than a sister with jilbaab and khymar but no Niqab and gloves. And if she stayed at home then even less likely.

So far we have established that Niqab may be Fard and if it is not Fard it is a highly recommended Sunnah as it was approved by the Prophet (peace upon him ) and his wives who are the role models for the Muslim women wore it and so did the other Sahabiyaat who best generation of Muslim women. And in addition exposed some of the plots of the Munafics.

Now let us deal with some of the problems Niqabi sisters face directly form other Muslims or Munafics. And why these problems occur.

If a person thinks that Niqab is Fard then she should not remove it because there is no obedience to the created when it involves disobedient to the creator. As I mentioned earlier the covering mentioned in the Quran was for all women. It did not say that only the Prophet's wives should cover their face. Nor is there any hadith which says that the Prophets wives should cover their face

And from the two Hadiths quoted we know that the Prophet wives and the other Sahabiyaat covered their face and that's how they understood the commandments of Allah regarding Hijab

The hadith of Asma which is used to prove that face and hands can be uncovered is disputed by the two camps. Other Hadiths used to prove that women can uncover face are to do with when women are in ihram and about to prayer. These latter two are special circumstances. However in any case one thinks why did Ayesha cover her face and why did she praise the Muslim women for covering their face and why did she say that the other Sahabah recognised her because he had seen her before the command for Hijab. And as we know just an accidental look can give a person and idea of what some one looks like,

Also we should note that the silence of the prophet peace be upon him in matters is considered as approval. In case of Niqab if it was ward the Prophet peace be upon him would not even need to be asked if it can be worn. And I haven't come across any hadith were the prophet peace be upon him was asked weather Niqab can be worn. But rather there are hadith were the Prophet peace be upon him told women not to wear Niqab during prayer and ihram. This further could strengthen the case of those who say it is Fard.

Whatever the case may be regarding whether Niqab is Fard or highly recommended, mocking something which is Fard, or Sunnah is a extremely serious crime in Islam. The Prophet's wives wore Niqab. We got the Niqab from them .If a Muslim calls any Niqabi a Ninja or approves of Kaffirs laughing at the Niqab. Then we can see what he thinks of the Prophets wives. Also since the Prophet approved of them wearing it. We can see that he has a very low opinion of Messenger of Allah�s decisions.

Or if he says you are being extreme. He is implying that the Prophets wives were extreme and that the Prophet allowed extremism. 

Since Allah choose the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him as his last and final Prophet and Messenger to mankind and an ideal example for mankind. Then he does not have a good opinion of Allah decision
Question : 

What is the ruling concerning one who ridicules those who wear the proper Hijab and cover their faces and hands?

Answer : 

Praise be to Allah.

Whoever ridicules a Muslim woman or man for sticking to and applying the teachings of Islam is a disbeliever. This is regardless of whether it is concerning woman's Hijab or any other matter of the Shariah. This is based on the following narration from ibn Umar: At a gathering during the Battle of Tabuk, one man said, "I have not seen
anyone like our Quranic readers who is more desirous of food, more lying in speech and more cowardly when meeting the enemy." A man said, "You have lied and you are a liar. I shall definitely tell the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) about that." 
That news was conveyed to the Messenger of Allah and the Quran was revealed. Abdullah ibn Umar added, "I saw the man holding on to the bag of the camel of the Messenger of Allah and the dust was striking him while he was saying, 'O Messenger of Allah, we were just joking and playing. The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) was simply saying the verse of the Quran],

"Was it Allah, and His Signs and His Messenger you were mocking? Make no excuse, you have disbelieved after you had believed. If We pardon some of you, We will punish others among you because they were sinners" (al-Tauba 65-66).

So ridiculing believers has been equated with ridiculing Allah, His Signs and His Messenger. 

The Standing Committee ( 
You see how serious Allah took that issue which I was far less serious than some one mocking a Niqabi sister for wearing a Niqab by calling her ninja, laughing at her when others make fun of her Niqab or call her backward or extreme. Or worse.
The historical incidence was mocking the Quran readers and not even mocking the rules of Allah or implying that those who wear Niqab are extreme and so on.

If a man or women implies that a Sister who wears Niqab is being extreme then they are implying that the Prophet peace be upon him , his wives, his female companions were also extreme. 

It seems every decade some one comes out with a new term to justify their un-Islamic ideas. The terms do have Islamic origins but they are always misused. For instance some will say Islam is the Middle path. That is true. Islam is the middle of the two kuffars. For instance One kuffur says the way to live is have free sex and the other way is to the Catholic way which says do not have sex at all. Islam says have sex as much as you like but within marriage and with one's wives or husband. Thus you can see the if you stick strictly to Islam you will find that Islam is in the middle.

However what deviant Muslims and the Munafics a decade or so ago wanted to misuse this term the Middle path to dilute Islam by a half. A diluted version will not be Islam it will be towards one of the other two ways. And this group of people started to allow forbidden things. This will also take a person out of Islam as no one can make what Allah has forbidden as lawful. 

In recent years the word extremism is being used in the same manner to try and dilute Islam and smash the roof and top floor of the house of Islam. It should be the aim of every Muslim to do their utmost to stop the Munafics and those Muslims who are tricked by the Munafics and by shaytan and the other enemies of Islam.

Many of the Niqabi convert sisters have said that the most opposition they get towards their Niqab is from other Muslims. For instance Sister Khadija says �

"I think you will find that non Muslims offer the least resistance to Niqabi women, it is the Muslim women who do not wear Niqab that can be (not always, Alhamdulillah) but can be the most hostile to us. every Niqabi I know has experienced more kindness and openness from the Jews and Christians than from their sisters. Sisters need to know, even if they choose not to wear Niqab, that this is a part of our deen, MashaAllah

Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) told us when he said: �There will come a time of patience when the one who adheres steadfastly to his religion will be like one who holds a burning coal.� Narrated by al-Tirmidhi, 2260; classed as saheeh by al-Albaani in al-Silsilah al-Saheehah, 957. 

Al-Qaari said: The apparent meaning of this hadeeth is that just as it is impossible to hold on to a burning coal except with intense patience and great difficulty, at that time no one will be able to adhere to his religion and the light of faith except with great patience

There are many reasons to why some Muslims especially some Muslim women may give Niqabi women a hard time
1. They fear that their men folk may tell them to wear Niqab.

2. They wear the headscarf and enjoy the feeling of being special or the praises of people. However if some one wears Niqab she will get more respect than them and thus her status may go done. Or she is simply jealous that other Muslims will think that the Niqabi sister is more pious than her.

3. They wear a headscarf and wear western cloths to keep both non-Muslim and Muslims happy. Saying to the Muslims hey I am like you. See I wear a headscarf. And at the same time say to the Kaffir friends hey I wear your cloths. So she wants to please Allah and shaytan at the same time. This does not work as you have to choose which side you are on. Are you in the party of Allah or the party of shaytan.

4. If she does not wear even the headscarf then you remind her of her obligations to wear Islamic dress and it makes her feel guilty. In some cases she may feel jealous that you have a higher reputation than her. So she wants to pressurise you to leave of Niqab and possibly whole of your dress code so that be at equal footing with you in terms of completion of status in society. Some sisters and brothers think the deserve the praises of people more than a pious sister or a pious brother due to their big bank balance, big house, degree, their job, their political contacts. They feel the only way for them to be praised is to remove the competition. So they will try and mock you. Point out any single fault you may have to the people and even to you. This is why even when they are totally shameless they will say oh we saw a bearded guy the other day doing so and so and they will laugh and this helps them forget the reality which some know very well but do not want to accept. This is pure shaytanic. Shaytan could not accept that Adam was better than him. Saying Adam is made of clay and he is made of fire. Even this claim that he was better because he was made of fire was his faulty thinking. As we know whenever there is a fire. It is easily put out by throwing soil on it. So he did not even have daleel for his claim. Likewise the praises of people do not make a person good. But it is the criterion laid down in the Quran and Sunnah which determines who is better. According to the Quran the best person is the one with best Taqwa. Bank balance, who you know, how many people praise you or what your degree or what your race is does not enter the equation.

5. Also some men may not like A Niqabi sister because they are also jealous that their wife, mother or daughter does not wear Niqab and people will think that the Niqabis sister is better that their females.

6. Some Muslims want to be so accepted by the disbelievers that they think what will the kaffirs think if they see a women like that (i.e. in Niqab). That they will think bad of them too. Just like a non-Muslim thinks that her daughter causes her embarrassment to her non-Muslim family, friends and neighbours they too think that a Niqabi causes them embarrassment amongst their non-Muslim friends or even enemies.

7. Some foolish Muslims think that Niqab is not good for dawah. This is also a ridiculous shaytan inspired thought. I having established that the Niqab is indeed an authentic part of Islam, we must then conclude that to hide it is what is counterproductive to Dawah. No one would dare think that the Sahabah spread Islam throughout the lands of the earth by concealing the practices they learned from the Messenger of Allah (SAW); thus, as 'Umar ibn Al-Khattab (RA) declared: "LET THE SUNNAH GO FORTH AND DO NOT STOP IT WITH OPINIONS.

8. The best person at dawah was the Prophet peace be upon him and he taught his companions how to give dawah to non-Muslims. The true fact is that these people who make such foolish claims they lack true dawah skills. They cannot explain the beauty of Niqab so due to their inadequacies they want to reject it. Just like the Christians could not explain some of the verses of the bible so they just rewrote the bible and deleted the bits they did not want. On another issue some one said the non_muslims think Islam is too hard. Well this is true. So what you want us to do?

It seems they want to dilute it by getting rid of the hard bits. Then they have to come out with a name for this new religion. Islam means submission to the will of Allah. That new religions meaning would be submitting to the will of the kaffirs. So it would need an appropriate name and a Muslim is one who submits to the will of Allah. So they would need a new name for the people of their religion. 

Just as an example many non Muslims who get interested in Islam. One of the worries they have is the 5 daily prayers. They say oh we could not do that. That seems too hard. If we were to listen to these foolish modernist then we would reduce the prayers to once in a while and end up in hell with shaytan. But when we do our job correctly. We know in reality the prayers do not take long and we could easily explain that to them. But we can explain to them the benefits of prayer and that Allah has given us so many things. The eyes with which to see and so on. And should we not be grateful to Allah for all that he has given us? In fact I explained this to a non Muslim who was thinking about converting but then changed her mind and now after our talk she is studying Islam more.

And in reality NIQAB IS VERY GOOD FOR DAWAH. This is another reason why some of the elite of the non_muslims are so against Niqab. They may not admit it but they know that Niqab is a visible sign of Islam. People see a Niqabi they will want to know why she is wearing that. Does her religion oppress her. Lets see what is written in their Quran. One of the Convert sisters complained about people staring at her. I explained it could be good for dawah. As a result of her wearing Niqab some one may want to find out why is she wearing that and pick up a book on Islam or search on the net. As we know many people have become Muslim by simply picking up a surfing the net or reading the Quran or a book on Islam. An incidentally the same sister was being observed by another unpractising Muslimah. Who finally came up to her and said I like your dress and I observed you and other peoples reaction to you. 

In some Muslim families the relatives are afraid that if the daughter wears a Hijab or a Niqab she will be maybe attacked or her children may be attacked or the family be attacked. The scare mongering that shaytaan and the friends of shaytaan whispers are to get sisters to uncover the face and eventually their whole head and then body. 

Some deviant scholars even do this. They have been either tricked by shaytaan or they have been promised by the human enemies of Islam things like money. High position in society or university or simple friendship.

One deviant scholar used to lie year after year. He would reject certain clear law of Islam and make things that were haram as halal.

After 9/11 it seemed that many Munafics came out openly and showed their true colours. One such  liar  was being propped up by the British government to be Mufti for British Muslims so that he could give wrong Islamic information, advice and fatwas to the Muslims in Britain. They tried to make him famous through the media. There were incidents were Muslims were being attacked by kaffirs and naturally there was some degree of fear in the Muslim community. He tried to use this fear to persuade Muslim women to commit haram.  He came on television stating that the Muslim females should not wear Hijab as they may be attacked.  After this several Muslim school girls wearing hijab were asked if they would be taking their hijabs of. They bravely replied no and one of the brave young Muslim school girl  said that they will continue to wear the Hijab as Allah has promised to protect them. But who will protect him against Allah?

Eventually many scholars declared that sisters should not listen to him and keep wearing hijab.

In fact within a year or so Allah killed him and British government with all their doctors and sophisticated technology could not save him or bring him back to life.

On the authority of Abdullah bin Abbas, who said : One day I was behind the prophet and he said to me: 
"Young man, I shall teach you some words [of advice] : Be mindful of Allah, and Allah will protect you. Be mindful of Allah, and you will find Him in front of you. If you ask, ask of Allah; if you seek help, seek help of Allah. Know that if the Nation were to gather together to benefit you with anything, it would benefit you only with something that Allah had already prescribed for you, and that if they gather together to harm you with anything, they would harm you only with something Allah had already prescribed for you. The pens have been lifted and the pages have dried."

narrated by Tirmidhi, who said it is true and fine hadith

In a version other than that of Tirmidhi it reads:

"..Be mindful of Allah, you will find Him before you. Get to know Allah in prosperity and He will know you in adversity. Know that what has passed you by was not going to befall you; and that what has befallen you was not going to pass you by. And know that victory comes with patience, relief with affliction, and ease with hardship."

The Muslims will be tested and Allah, the Exalted, says: 
"And certainly, We shall test you with something of fear, hunger, loss of wealth, lives and fruits, but give glad tidings to As-Sabirun (the patient)". (2:155)

"And surely, We shall try you till We test those who strive hard (for the Cause of Allah) and As-Sabirun (the patient)'' (47:31)

"O you who believe! Endure and be more patient..". (3:200) 

"Seek help in patience and As-Salat (the prayer). Truly, Allah is with As-Sabirun (the patient).'' (2:153)

"Only those who are patient shall receive their reward in full, without reckoning.'' (39:10) 

"As for those who strive hard in Us (Our Cause), We will surely guide them to Our Paths (i.e., Allah's Religion  Islamic Monotheism). And verily, Allah is with the Muhsinoon (good doers)." [al Ankaboot 29:69]

Allah says (interpretation of the meaning):
"The only saying of the faithful believers, when they are called to Allah (His Words, the Qur'an) and His Messenger, to judge between them, is that they say: "We hear and we obey." And such are the successful (who will live forever in Paradise). 

And whosoever obeys Allah and His Messenger , fears Allah, and keeps his duty (to Him), such are the successful" [al-Noor 24:51-52] 

Alama Ehsan elahi Zaheer (rahimullah) said "Cowardice never saved a nation"

If some one thinks that the kuffaar will not attack them or their children if they remove their Niqab. Then look at the Muslims of Bosnia. They removed even their cloths, They went out half naked just like the kaffirs. This happened in our life time. The women and children were raped.

 Babies roasted on spit and fathers made to eat them. The bikinis and the miniskirts did not save them.

In fact due to the war some of the Bosnian Muslimahs started to wear NIQAB.

A Muslim should not be stung twice. Allah has told us that the kaffirs will not be happy with us until we leave Islam completely and embrace their religion. Even if the sisters go out butt naked (without even your underwear ) the kaffirs will still not leave you unless you take their religion. This is an early warning system. The one who knows everything in the past , the present and what will happen in the future has told us about. We have been told that the non-Muslims will not leave us in peace unless we say we are not Muslim and we become Christian. This life is short. The peace is short and not the real peace. The real peace will be in Jannah (heaven) and it will be eternal and it will be for those who are Muslims and the non-Muslims will have endless and unthinkable torture.

In addition to this a white convert sister faced huge amounts of problems from European Kaffirs when she only wore jilbab and covered her head but when she wore Niqab her problems were actually even  reduced.   Now she gets stares but before Niqab she had old men shouting at her as if they wanted to kill her. Obviously they can see she is white and European. Indicating she has become Muslim and those who hate Islam will get even more angry when they see  someone of their own race becoming Muslim. They will think she is a traitor to their religion or race. But if she wears Niqab  she appears as just another Muslim woman so their anger will be not at such elevated levels. They may think why does this women wear this. Oh she is a Muslim. What is this religion? Why does it make her hide her face? Maybe I could find a book about this religion? Or let me search their holy book and see if it tells men to oppress their women. We know from our website that many people come to Islam because they read they Quran. There are many reasons why they hate the Niqab and one of them is that they fear it will attract people to Islam. 

If a women appears in front of non-Mehrem men without her Hijab. Then she is showing her aura. and she is naked. Just as if she showed her breasts or her private parts. If she shows her hair to non-Mehrem men then she is naked. When a sister understands the importance of Hijab she will feel naked without it in the presence of non-Mehrem men.

One 17 year convert sister from Canada said that her mother converted to Islam and she also converted as her mother converted. She said "my mother kept bugging me about Hijab since I was 14 years old" and she disliked her mother bugging her but finally she started to wear it. It started with fashionable Hijab (which is not correct Hijab) then she eventually progressed to jilbaab and Hijab that was dark in colour so not attractive. Finally one day after listening to her stepfather and Mother she decided to wear Niqab. And her mother wanted the young teenage daughter to wear Niqab before her as she was not quite ready herself. She had noticed that with her face showing boys had tried to talk to her even in the presence of her mother at stores counters. Eventually after wearing Niqab for some time she said that she feels naked without her Niqab and she does not like going out without her family,

Also when men understand the true values of Hijab they would prefer to die than have their women go out without Hijab. As we know from the story of the third Khalif of Islam. 

As I said before it appears the whenever Satan or kaffirs and Munafics attack they try to attack the foundations of whatever part of Islam they are attacking.. When their attack against the foundations or the roots is not successful they focus their attack on the braches and when that is not successful they move on the leaves. However even then they try to attack the braches and roots when ever they can. In this case the foundation is the term Hijab and the branch is the Niqab and then other things like the Jilbaab and nowadays they are very patient in their attack.

There were many cases were the Sahabah put their Islam before their family and even their very lives. The following is a beautiful hadith of how those who truly believe in their lord will stay firm on their Deen at all costs.

Suhaib (May Allah be pleased with him) reported that the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said, "There lived a king before you and he had a court magician. As he (the magician) grew old, he said to the king: `I have grown old, so send me a young boy in order to teach him magic.' The king sent him a young boy to serve the purpose. And on his way (to the magician) the young boy met a monk to whom he listened to and liked it. It became his habit that on his way to the magician, he would meet the monk and sit there and would come to the magician (late). The magician used to beat him because of this delay. He complained about this to the monk who said to him: 'When you feel afraid of the magician, say: Members of my family detained me. And when you fear your family, say: The magician detained me.'

 It so happened that there came a huge beast and it blocked the way of the people, and the young boy said: 'I will know today whether the magician or the monk is better.' He picked up a stone and said: `O Allah, if the way of the monk is dearer to You than the way of the magician, bring about death to the animal so that the people be able to move about freely.' 

He threw that stone at it and killed it and the people began to move about freely. He then came to the monk and told him the story. The monk said: `Son, today you are superior to me. You have come to a stage where I feel that you would be soon put to a trial, and in case you are put to a trial, do not reveal me.' 

That young boy began to heal those born blind and the lepers and he, in fact, began to cure people from all kinds of illnesses. When a courtier of the king who had gone blind heard about him, he came to him with numerous gifts and said, `If you cure me, all these things will be yours.' He said, `I myself do not cure anyone. It is Allah, the Exalted, Alone Who cures; and if you affirm faith in Allah, I shall also supplicate to Allah to cure you.' 

This courtier affirmed his faith in Allah and Allah cured him. He came to the king and sat by his side as he used to sit before. The king said to him, `Who restored your eyesight?' He said, `My Rabb.' Thereupon he said, 'Do you have another lord besides me?' He said, `My Rabb and your Rabb is Allah.' So the king kept torturing him until he revealed the young boy. 

The young boy was thus summoned and the king said to him, 'O boy, it has been conveyed to me that you have become so much proficient in your magic that you cure the blind and the lepers and you do such and such.' Thereupon he said, `I do not cure anyone; it is Allah Alone Who cures,' and the king took hold of him and began to torture him until he revealed of the monk

. The monk was summoned and it was said to him: `You should turn back from your religion.' But he refused. The king sent for a saw, placed it in the middle of his head and cut him into two parts that fell down.

 Then the courtier of the king was brought forward and it was said to him: `Turn back from your religion.' He, too, refused, and the saw was placed in the midst of his head and he was torn into two parts. 

Then the boy was sent for and it was said to him: `Turn back from your religion.' He refused. The king then handed him over to a group of his courtiers, and said to them: `Take him to such and such mountain; make him climb up that mountain and when you reach its peak ask him to renounce his Faith. If he refuses to do so, push him to his death.' 

So they took him and made him climb up the mountain and he said: `O Allah, save me from them in any way you like,' and the mountain began to shake and they all fell down (dead) and that young boy came walking to the king. The king said to him, `What happened to your companions?' He said, `Allah has saved me from them.'

 He again handed him to some of his courtiers and said: `Take him and carry him in a boat and when you reach the middle of the sea, ask him to renounce his religion. If he does not renounce his religion throw him (into the water).' So they took him and he said: `O Allah, save me from them.' The boat turned upside down and they all drowned except the young boy who came walking to the king. The king said to him, `What happened to your companions?' He said, `Allah has saved me from them,' and he said to the king: `You cannot kill me until you do what I command you to do.' 

The king asked, `What is that?' He said, `Gather all people in one place and tie me up to the trunk of a tree, then take an arrow from my quiver and say: With the Name of Allah, the Rabb of the boy; then shoot me. If you do that you will be able to kill me.' `

The king called the people in an open field and tied the young boy to the trunk of a tree. He took out an arrow from his quiver, fixed in the bow and said, `With the Name of Allah, the Rabb of the young boy,' he then shot the arrow and it hit the boy's temple. The young boy placed his hand upon the temple where the arrow had hit him and died. 

The people then said: `We believe in the Rabb of this young boy.' The king was told: `Do you see what you were afraid of, by Allah it has taken place; all people have believed.' The king then commanded that trenches be dug and fire lit in them, and said: `He who would not turn back from his (the young boy's) religion, throw him in the fire' or `he would be ordered to jump into it.' They did so till a woman came with her child. She felt hesitant in jumping into the fire. The child said to her: `O mother! Endure (this ordeal) for you are on the Right Path".

Also the European concept of when in Rome do as the Romans. In Islam a Muslim is commanded to obey Allah no matter were he is or in whose house he is in.

 Everything in this world belongs to Allah included people. So were ever we are on Allah's earth or universe we must obey Allah at all times. It does not matter whose house you are in. You should dress according to Islam whether the host likes it or not.

  Not long ago, it was the culture of Rome to treat black people worse than animals. To rape their women, beat and torture the men when ever they felt like it. How would they feel if they tide was turned against them?

If the native Indians took back power in the North America and treated all the white people in a way similar to how the white people treated them or the black people.

Then the demanded we the Muslims torture and gang rape the white inhabitants like them by saying do in in Rome  as the Romans. (or as the American Indians do in America ). Would the really like us to follow their rule of do as the Romans do in Rome?
Ofcourse we as Muslims could not participate in such injustice just because the host nation demanded us to do as they did.

Similarly a Muslimah who does not uncover her aura or free mixs with men just because she is in a certain country (or house) and the host demands that she do as the natives do.


The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: "There is no obedience if it involves sin, rather obedience is with regard to that which is good and proper." Narrated by al-Bukhaari, 7257; Muslim, 1840

Allah says (interpretation of the meaning):

"O you who believe! Ward off yourselves and your families against a Fire (Hell) whose fuel is men and stones, over which are (appointed) angels stern (and) severe, who disobey not, (from executing) the Commands they receive from Allah, but do that which they are commanded"

[al-Tahreem 66:6]

A sisters Mahrems should make sure she is covered

 Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: "Each of you is a shepherd and each of you is responsible for his flock. The ruler is a shepherd and is responsible for his flock; the man is the shepherd of his family members and is responsible for them..."

Narrated by al-Bukhaari, 853; Muslim, 1829.

 The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) referred to the former when he said: “The likeness of me and you is that of a man who lit a fire and grasshoppers and moths started falling into it, and he tried to push them away. I am seizing your waistbands and trying to pull you away from the Fire but you are trying to get away from me.”

(Muslim, 2285, from the hadeeth of Jaabir; a similar hadeeth was narrated by al-Bukhaari, 3427 from the hadeeth of Abu Hurayrah).

To summarize Niqab is a well established practice in Islam. It may even be compulsory for Muslimahs to wear Niqab. Thus it is best to be on the safe side and wear it. Any Muslim who mocks the Niqab or any other concepts of Islam is a disbeliever. It is one of the ultimate goals of shaytaan to get mankind to strip themselves of their dignity by exposing their aura.  The battle of Hijab began from the time of creation of the first human being and will continue till the day of judgment. Today is a time to revive Niqab and all aspects of Islam that we not doing

 Below is another example of a sister suffering problems from so called Muslims for wearing Niqab



Assalaamu alaikum wa ramatullahi wa barakatu!

I wear Niqab (for the last four months full-time; 12 months before that "part-time") Alhamdulillah.  But could I please have some advice from Brother Abu Ubaida about how to deal with my in-laws, esp. my father-in-law (who is Arab & quite religious in most other aspects) who opposes my wearing it?  My father-in-law has said I shouldn't wear the Niqab at his house...this is a big problem as my & my husband's presence is required every Saturday night at the 'family meeting'.  All my husband's brothers (four of them) attend this meeting with their wives & kids.  Although I don't mix (the others sit in a big group to listen to the Qur'anic lesson) with the men,  I still have to walk past the brothers-in-law as there is no other way to the private room.

I have discussed this twice before with my father-in-law to no avail & do want to obey him in all that is halal.  So far I either make excuses not to go to family meetings (say I have headache, which this does cause me headache!) or arrive so early & leave so late, but unfortunately this is not always possible for various reasons.  

So, should  I refuse to go to his house or just wear it there anyway?  Please note, he loves me dearly but is old & firm in his ways....two of my other sisters-in-law have tried to wear it too, in the past & he has yelled at them to "Take it off!!" or told them if they are going to wear it to "get out!!".  I obviously wish to avoid such a scene for my & his dignity.  His reasons are that firstly it's not required (he cites the daif  (weak) hadith of Asma, allowed by the Prophet sallahu alayhi wasallam to show her hands & face; and when doing tawaf/ihram women must show their face & hands.)  And secondly, in this kaffir country (Australia) women are at risk of physical harm if they wear it  (I don't think that is true, either).  If the last reason were true anyway, he wouldn't have a problem with me wearing niqab,  inside his home (where the non-believers can't see me, can they?).

It's obvious (to me) that he will not be convinced that covering the face is wajib for women (it seems only Allah can help him to see) so my problem is how to deal with the situation now-how not to cause a (further) rift?

Your sister-in-Islam,

Sister Aisha who is  also  a convert   said: 

"I love my Niqab and feel more free than ever. I live in a society that have low amount of Muslims, so it is for the kaffirs here very disturbing to them that I wear it. But I don't care any more, before I was afraid of what people would say bout it, but now I don't care.  oh ya and a another thing is...the Muslimahs that are born Muslims...they can give me the most bad stare or just look very bad at me coz me wearing my Niqab...why is that? From converts/reverts the approve of it and are very pleased and happy bout it.

She further added that her husband disapproves of her wearing Niqab. He claims that Niqab is only for the wives of the Prophet peace be upon him. I have already as I have proven above that the Sahabiyat also wore Niqab. She further adds that he calls mocks at her calling her ninja, laughs at her when kaffirs talk bad about her Niqab and says to her she is putting the kids in danger,

Alhamdulillah after my advice to her her Father in law changed his ways and claimed that he actually believed Niqab was fard.


Islam helps prevent the diseases in society from  happening.

Those who wanted to dilute Islam would on this occasion quote sheik Albani and for most other issues they would either not mention Sheik Albanis point of view or even hate the sheik for having that point of view. Today you find some brothers from such groups now doing a complete turn after seeing the damage that their wrong opinions did to their youth. So rather than listening to us and preventing the problem from happening they now try to give the message we gave to prevent the problems happening in the first place.


As I mentioned before the most ridiculous things they would say was oh we live in a non Muslim society.

You can see how they do not have the Aqal to realise that in the non Muslim society the guys cannot be made or even to lower their gaze. So the dangers are even more. And we see these problems in the new generations were the sisters are wearing jilbab and hijab and they are in college and the non Muslims guys are saying wow she has a beautiful, her famous is just gorgeous and then they start hitting on her little by little. Before you know it the sister in hijab and jilbab is walking with the kaffir man in the mall, going on and of the bus together. Those of us who are men we can see the hunger in the eyes and face of these  kaffir man for her. Almost always these sisters have exceptional beautiful faces.


 Most  men know how difficult it is to lower ones gaze and to resist the temptation of not looking at the face of  woman. The more beautiful her face the harder it resist her. But for a kaffir man there is no reason for him to resist and then pursue that woman. He may hide his real intention and start chatting to about various different topics such as common hobbies and later reveal his intention. Which might be after seduction or by force even.

So if you want to keep your self safe from fitna then wear Niqab or you may find the importance of Niqab the hard way.

AbuUbaida (web Admin)


Verse No. 53 of Surat al-Ahzab, or the Confederates (Interpretation of the meaning); "...for anything ye want, ask them from before a screen: that makes for greater purity for your hearts and for theirs..."

In explaining this Verse, Ibn Kathir (May Allaah have mercy on him) said: "Meaning, as I forbade you to enter their rooms, I forbid you to look at them at all. If one wants to take something from a woman, one should do so without looking at her. If one wants to ask a woman for something, the same has to be done from behind a screen."

The Prophet (May peace and blessings be upon him) enforced separation of men and women even at Allaah’s most revered and preferred place, the mosque. This was accomplished via the separation of the women’s rows from the men’s; men were asked to stay in the mosque after completion of the obligatory prayer so that women will have enough time to leave the mosque; and, a special door was assigned to women. Evidence of the foregoing are:

Umm Salamah (May Allah be pleased with her) said that after Allah’s Messenger (May peace and blessings be upon him) said "as-Salamu ‘Alaykum wa Rahmatullah’ twice announcing the end of prayer, women would stand up and leave. He would stay for a while before leaving. Ibn Shihab said that he thought that the staying of the Prophet (May peace and blessings be upon him) was in order for the women to be able to leave before the men who wanted to depart." Narrated by al-Bukhari under No. 793.

Abu Dawood under No. 876 narrates the same hadith in Kitab al-Salaat under the title "Insiraaf an-Nisaa’ Qabl al-Rijaal min al-Salaah" (Departure of Women before Men after the Prayer). Ibn ‘Umar said that Allah’s Messenger (May peace and blessings be upon him) said: "We should leave this door (of the mosque) for women." Naafi’ said: "Ibn ‘Umar never again entered through that door until he died." Narrated by Abu Dawood under No. 484 in "Kitab as-Salah" under the Chapter entitled: "at-Tashdid fi Thalik".

Abu Hurayrah said that the Prophet (May peace and blessings be upon him) said: ""The best of the men’s rows is the first and the worst is the last, and the best of the women’s rows is the last and the worst in the first." Narrated by Muslim under No. 664.

The Messenger of Allah (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) said: “O Ali, do not follow one glance with another, for you may be allowed the first but not the second.”

Narrated by al-Tirmidhi, 2701; classed as hasan by al-Albaani in Saheeh al-Jaami‘, 7953.

narrated by Jareer ibn ‘Abd-Allah who said: I asked the Messenger of Allah (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) about an accidental glance and he told me to avert my gaze.

Narrated by Muslim, 2159

Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning):

“Tell the believing men to lower their gaze (from looking at forbidden things)”

[al-Noor 24:30]


The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Beware of sitting in the street.” They said, “We have no alternative; that is where we sit and talk.” He said, “If you insist on sitting there, then give the street its rights.” They said, “What are the rights of the street?” He said, “Lowering the gaze and refraining from causing offence…” (Narrated by al-Bukhaari, 2333; Muslim, 2121).

Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “… If a woman of the people of Paradise were to look out over the people of this earth, it would light up everything in between and fill it with fragrance, and the veil of her head is better than this world and everything in it.” (Narrated by al-Bukhaari, 2643).


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