In the name of Allah ,the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

Breaded Chicken Recipe

You need: small chicken ( hen)
2. half tea spoon salt
3. a bench of black pepper
4. half table spoon zattar
5. two table spoons chopped cilantro
6. half cup bread crumbs
7. two table spoons of Parmeasan chesse (mix all from 2 till 7) 3.1/4 cup of butter & two tbl spoons of garlic
How to cook it?
1.wash the chicken ....cut it into 8 pieces....
2.dip it into mixture one (from 2 till 7)
3.fry the garlic w/ the butter then dip the chicken in this mixture
4.dip the chicken again in the previous mixture( from mixture 2 till 7) Bake in 350 for almost 50 min. that is all....
Jazak Allah khairan to Sister Heather (Basma) for sending all the above recipes for this website.
AbuUbaida ( Web Amin)