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Cocktail Kabab Recipe

Cocktail Kabab Recipe
ingredients :
500gms boneless mutton,
1 egg,
8 gm garam masal,
10gm ginger ,
4 red chillies,
15gm split gram(tuwar dal),
1 bunch cilantrpoe,
15gm green chillies,
60gms onion choppe
1) Boil mutton, tuwar dal redchilies, 2 onions, ginger salt in water . remove water & grind into fine paste.
2) to this add beaten egg , garam masal& mix well make equal small balls and keep aside.
3) in a separate bowl, add chopped onions,green chillie coriander leaves salt mix well make into small balls.
4) Take mutton ball place in your palm press to an oval shape in this place onion balls and close the edges
5) Deep fry in oil until brown crispy

Jazak Allah khayran to Sister Heather (Basma) for sending recipes.

AbuUbaida (Web Amin)