In the name of Allah ,the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

Salieg-Saudi Rice Dish Recipe


Ingredients: A chicken, one glass Sunwhite rice "Egyptian rice",

2 glass American rice, water for cooking the rice,

2 spoons of butter,

3\4 glass powder milk with 2 glass water to melt it,

3\4 spoon white maggie [chicken bouillon powder]( I do not know if it is available here, anyway, I have plenty so I will be happy to give you ),





green chili,

3 pieces of mustakka [gum arabic- available at middle-eastern grocers] (it is like a flavor, not really important. I do not know if it is available here I honestly do not have it).

How to cook it?

Cut the chicken into two pieces,

put them in a pot and put some water to cook then turn the stove into low for half an hour with the salt and white maggie.

Then put the chiken inside the oven to have it grill it ( becomes red).

Put the rice in a pot and cook it with the chicken sauce, ( left water).

When the rice absorbs the water turn fire into extremely low. It is important to have the rice not burned at the bottom of the pot because it affects the taste of the salieg.

Keep stirring the salieg from minute to minute and keep adding boiled water into it.

At the end, mix the milk with the water and add it to the mixture.

Put the butter. Melt the musstakah with little water and add it to it 10 min. before turning the stove off. Immediately serve it with salad. Note: it is important to serve it immediately because it changes and becomes sticky.

Jazak Allah khayran to Sister Heather (Basma) for sending  recipes.

AbuUbaida ( Web Amin)