In the name of Allah ,the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

Starting point for one who wants to enter Islam

Dear reader on behalf of all the members of I welcome you to Islam.

I receive many email saying things such as I want to become Muslim but do I need to know this and that or I do not know this and that.

Common questions such as

I do not know Arabic and do not know how to pray

or I do not have a Mosque (Masjid) were I live or I can not go to a Masjid as it is too far or because I am working.

or I do not have Islamic clothing

Please do not worry about these things. All these things come after you have become Muslim.

The first thing that you need to do is have correct belief in the concept of God in Islam. So I would suggest that you read the following article What is Islam

Once you have the correct understanding as to what Islam is and you believe Islam the true religion of God then there is no point in waiting any longer to become a Muslim.

What you need to do is say your convert right away.

How to convert to Islam shahadah

Only After you have done the shahadah you need to start learning and performing the prays. One day you can start learning Arabic but not right away as you have other things to do.

You will be worried about how to perform your prayers but rest assured that the prayer guides I have designed on this website will help those who do not speak Arabic perform their prayers quickly and easily.

From the feedback I have received from many New Muslims they have enable new Muslims to learn how to pray very quickly.

In Islam we do things step by step,

I have outline this in the New Muslims guide