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Puberty in Girls part 2

Part one of this article dealt with signs of puberty and the changes that happen after a girl reaches puberty, what is expected for Muslim girls who have and have not reached puberty read

What is expected of Girls who have HAS reached puberty

If a Muslimah has reached puberty she must do all acts of worship that an adult is required to do. So she must fast in Ramadan and She must also cover her head when she prays and thus must be in full Islamic prayer clothing.. Because the  Prophet (peace be upon him) said "Allah does not accept the prayer of a female who has reached the age of puberty except if she is wearing a head covering (khimaar)." (This was recorded by al-Tirmidhi, Ahmad, Abu Dawud and ibn Majah. Sahih aljam'e 2/128)

She must do all her daily prayers unless she is menstruating. She should fast in Ramadan except for the days she is menstrating. If she is menstrating she is exempt from prayers and fasting. She does not have to make up of her missed prayers but she must make up any fasts she had to miss due to menstration.She wear the full Islamic dress when she is outside or in the presence of of NON-MEHREM MALES, She should not shake hands nor hug nor kiss non Mahrem males. She should not mix unnecesserily with non mahrem males.

Mahrems Males are Grandfathers, Father, Brother, fathers brothers and mothers Brothers, your brothers sons or sisters sons and your husband. All other males are non-mehrems.


The Full Islamic dress Code of females is explained in the following article:

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Bad friends have a very negative impact on you so choose your friends carefully.

Sisters guide will explain various issues in greater detail and how to be the ideal Muslimah