In the name of Allah ,the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

Puberty in girls

In Islam when girls and boy reaches puberty they they becomes an adults. They becomes accountable for deeds. Since this article deals is about puberty in girls we will focus on this topic. When a Muslimah reaches puberty she must wear the full Islamic dress and perform all acts of worship which are enjoined on adults.

What is expected of Girls who have NOT reached puberty

All little Muslimahs (Muslimah equals Muslim girl or Muslim woman) should be encouraged to pray by the age of 7 and must be made to pray from the age of 10 if they do not do so by themselves.

However if the little Muslimah has not reached puberty and prayers without a head covering, her prayer will still be valid because the  Prophet (peace be upon him) said "Allah does not accept the prayer of a female who has reached the age of puberty except if she is wearing a head covering (khimaar)." (This was recorded by al-Tirmidhi, Ahmad, Abu Dawud and ibn Majah. Sahih aljam'e 2/128) Thus indicated that Allah does accept the prayer of a females who did not use khimaar if she had not reached puberty. However it is better to wear a khimaar.

Signs of Puberty in girls

A girl reaches puberty when any of the following things happen:-

1.If her pubic hairs grow ( Hairs around her private parts)

2 .If she starts to menstruate

3  If she Emits Maniy (this is fluid released from her private parts due to sexual climax)

4 If non of the above happen and she reaches 15 years of age.

What age do Girls reach puberty and what chnages occur

Puberty in Most girls will begin at around 8-14 years of age. With the Average age being 11.

When a girl reaches a certain age her brain releases substances called hormones. These cause changes in her body to prepare her for adult hood. This usually occurs when girls are 8-13 years old.

Some girls start early than others and parents should remind their children that there is nothing to worry about and tell the daughter that she is becoming a young lady now. Whether you start this process at a small age say 8-10 or and older age there is nothing to worry about.

During puberty there is a a growth boom. The body is going to grow very fast during puberty and this growth boom will last about 2 to 3 years.

Girls start to grow taller and the body usually gets curvier. They get bigger on their hips and their breasts develop with a little swelling under the nipples.. There will be an increase in body fat and occasionally there may be soreness under the nipples as they enlarge. This is all perfectly normal and nothing to worry about.

Gaining some weight is part of developing into a woman and it is healthy.

There can also be psychological  changes which can make a girl to be self conscious, moody and even aggressive.

Usually after 2 to 2.5 years after a girl breasts develop she gets her menstrual period.

A menstrual period usually lasts for 5 to 7 days sometimes a little more.

Dduring a menstrual period a female does not pray nor fasts. She should also not touch the Quran (in Arabic) and she should not enter the Masjid. As soon as her period finishes she must make ghusl and start praying and fasting (i.e the compulsory fasts of Ramadan). Explained in Part two in greater detail.

Some girls will also have dreams of a sexual nature when sleeping which will cause them to release Maniy from their private parts, These dreams are often referred to as wet dreams and a girl or boy who has these dreams should not worry but they should make ghusl  before praying, touching the Quran or going to the Masjid.

Girls do not get these dreams as much as boys. Some girls may not even get them at all, which is also normal.

Parents should note that often girls must be told what effects their bodies have on non Mahrem men. A girl may be very developed at a young age and should be taught how to cover her figuire and what effects that has on men and the dangers out there in the world. She must be taught that she has to wear an abyah or jilbab that is very loose that it does not show her figure at all. She must be taught that her head covering (khimaar) must go down below the bottom of her breasts. So that the shape of her breasts are not visible to any non mehrem  boys nor men.

Parents should explain to their daughters that non mahrem  men and boys may harm them if they can see the size or shape of their breasts, hips, legs, hair etc so they must keep them covered at all times in front of non Mahrem men and when they are outside.

They should tell their daughters that they should lower their gaze (i.e look down) when they see a non mahrem male and that as muslimah we do not do  date (i.e no girlfriends or boyfriends).

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