In the name of Allah ,the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful


am divee from manil and just converted to islam a month a go...i would like to have many islam friends on this group. i am living in a christian country and it wasnt easy for my family to accept my decision because i am the only member of the family who deviate to another religion. i am new at it so i am hoping that u will give me some help whenver i need it. thank u very much.


divee, 22


Salam Brother Divee

Welcome to Islam, its always a great news to see people from around the world embarassing Islam, i am very happy for you, know that all members in this group are your brothers and sisters,so feel free to ask any questions you have, i am sure they will be all kind to answer and help you.

Also try to contact a Masjid (Mosque) where you live and make muslim friends there too. I pray to Allah to help and assist you , and make your life happier inshallah.

assalam alaikum.
Brother Achraf

Thank u so much for a very nice welcome..i am just hoping that i will be meeting many many Islam friends all over divee...(i am a woman not a man

salam! hello everyone, i am divee, but take note i am a woman because many people would think that myname sounds like a man's name. i am so happy to be a Muslim and i converted Islam last feb. 12, 2003. I am staying in the only chiristain country in the whole world and in my country there are only 7% of MUslim. It was hard for my family to fully accept my decision and it was only my Mom whom fully accepted it. It is a bit hard to stay in one home with different beliefs. All of my relatives are Christians thats why they feel a bit shocked on why did i shifted to Islam. Its been few months that i have been reading many things on Islam and as what Mr. Bobby Kennedy has said, there are things that i just discovered about Jesus Christ (but i still believe in him), but now since i reverted to Islam, i knew many many things about my faith and I learned lots of disciplnes. i had peace in my heart more, i feel lighter and most especially, i dont eat any type of pork, It wasnt easy for my Mom of course to consider me in her cooking but whenever pork is the dish, i use to fry an aegg and that's it.... the first prayer that i memorize was the ash hadu was hard at the beginnin but now, it is okay, but i wanna ask ur help toplease give me a site on the internet about the prayers of Islams everyday....i just need that information,,,i am sure that there are lots of people who would want to help..allah hafiz

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