In the name of Allah ,the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful



The Message

Here ye! here ye! From far and near
The one they called the Prophet Muhammed was here
To deliver a message to everyone everywhere
So listen up party people because this you should hear.

This is a story from a far away atmosphere,
That you will find very clear.
so listen up everybody, because
with this we should take care.

We go back in time, over 1400 years,
To a city called Makkah, where moral values no-one bears.
But there was one man who was honest and humble
And with other people he would never rumble.

One day at the age of 40,
He retrieved to a cave with serenity.
Angel Gabriel came upon him there
and filled our beloved Prophet with fear

But from that day forth, Rasull started to preach,
The orders of Allah to all people he had to teach.
There is no god but Allah he stated
After that he begun to be hated.

But the Rasull was persistent and didn't care.
Because in his heart was room for only one FEAR.
The FEAR of Allah, Glorified and Most High,
Never out of tiredness would he sigh.

But soon later people started to believe,
Khadija, Ali..the numbers wouldn't seize.
What great hardships they all endured
Hunger, abuse and victims to the kafir's sword

But what great faith and taqwa they had,
To be Muslims they were blessed and glad.
Omar, Abu Bakr, Othman, Bilal and the list goes on and on
May Allah be pleased with all that they have done.

Proud they were to be servants of their Creator..
Proud they were to wear hijab or a gallabeya.
They didn't care what the kafirs said
Whether they laughed, abused, or didn't give them their daily bread.

'Cause they knew of the day that was to come,
When all would return to their Lord, and know they had won.
They'de see their accounts in their right hand...
And with the Rasull they would stand.

The kafirs will be damned to hell FOREVER
And the believers in Paradise...FOREVER.
Now I ask all you, and mostly myself..
Is this life worth it with its deceptive Wealth???

A day will come promises Allah Ta'ala,
Where the Mu'min will talk to the kafir with laughter.
"What do you want now?" they will ask,
"money, gold, or another chance?"

The reply that will come is scary but true..
A DROP OF WATER they will ask from YOU.........(inshallah)
So brothers and sisters in Islam
Let's unify and keep other from HARAM..

Let's enjoin the good and sunnah in our lives.
So on yaum-al-qiyamat we can survive.
Let's stay away from those things that are doubtful
Cause Allah's Mercy is much Bountiful

And make du'a for "maghfirat wa ajran azeema"
And ask Allah to guide us to "sirat al mustaqeema"


By Br. Mamoon Syed 

( Nidalulislam magazine)